Sunday, June 28, 2009

Congressmen, Grill Corporate CEO's on Employment

Congressmen, Grill Corporate CEO's on Employment

If you are familiar with the C SPAN channels and others, the Senate and the House engage in hearings to gain information and feedback on issues facing America. Frequently, there are articles of hearings in the paper and digital press within 24 hours or less. They have many hearings on all types of subjects. Many hearings go on at the same time.

Transcripts of the hearings are available to the public except for those regarding national security. Leaders of corporate America frequently give testimony at the hearings. Frequently the same people give testimony before a Senate hearing and within hours gives testimony before a House hearing.

Let the corporate executive leadership know that employment of Americans and legal immigrants are important to economic improvement of America. Ask them what the hiring plan is for their businesses over the next couple of years. Ask them how many people they are outsourcing overseas or bringing back to America jobs that were previously outsourced. Ask them how many alien temporary workers they have especially when American unemployment is predicted to reach 10%. Ask them how many illegal aliens they have working for them in America. Ask them how many jobs they contract for labor and how those workers are vetted to be legal workers in America. Ask them why they have contract labor in America. Ask them how many people they are seeking to hire immediately and how Congress can speed up the hiring process. Ask them how soon the jobs will be returned to American citizens.

Ask them how much they are spending overseas for outsourced labor of jobs that could be accomplished in America. Ask them what types of jobs they are. Ask them what their experience is with a workforce overseas. Ask them what it would take to bring the jobs back to America.

Praise the businesses that are growing the number of jobs for Americans in America. These are the corporations that should be recognized for their patriotism.

Ask the executives why there are difficulties hiring Americans. Ask them what Congress can do to help their corporation hire more Americans.

If Congress has hearings and call on corporate leadership to give testimony why not add a few questions about their corporate hiring plans in America. The American economy will benefit if even a few hundred thousand jobs are returned to American citizens and the hemorrhaging of American jobs overseas and within America is lessened. At least a few hundred thousand is a good start.


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