Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welfare Corporations in America

Welfare Corporations in America

We all know about the welfare corporations in America. They are those corporations that do not pay well and provide their American workers no or very little in benefits. One company is proud to help sign their employees up for Medicaid and they earned billions in profit last year. That corporation and many others have no shame. This company also brought in illegal aliens to clean some of their New Jersey stores and the illegal aliens were released and found different jobs in New Jersey within 24 hours. What a cheesy operation!

I think that employers not providing health insurance to an employee should pay 15% employer tax to fund medicaid and charity care. Workers earning high salaries usually have health insurance, so lower paid workers usually do not and the employer would pay about $1.00 per hour for those people.

Two hospitals in my county went bust and closed recently because they suffered huge losses from poorly insured and those without insurance. Google Union Hospital in Union, New Jersey and Muhlenburg Hospital in Plainfield, New Jersey to find their stories. Both hospitals existed for generations. This put thousands of people at risk. And more at inconvenience because of longer travel.

What do you think about my proposal on the welfare corporations? Write to your congressmen.


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