Monday, May 24, 2010

100 Million Jobs Lost, Labor Should Have Stuck Together

It seems like the Presidents and Congress have loaded up the Bomber fleet with more than 100 million jobs, flew off of American soil, and released them over China, India, Philippines, Australia, Mexico, and other countries. The allowed it to happen with no regard to the American worker and their families. President Bush and President Obama and Congress were consistent in enabling the American jobs to land overseas and the overseas countries receiving American jobs were glad to get them for their citizens. Millions of American citizen families suffered due to loss of job, struggling for basic needs and bursting their bubbles for the American dream. If you do not have a good job, you most likely will not have a financially sound retirement.

Now they say American unemployment is around 10%, but most realize it is really more than 20% because many have given up looking for jobs. The Federal, States, and local governments are financially unsound in America due to a lack of tax revenues and excessive borrowing. Now teachers, state and municipal workers, police, firefighters, and other government workers are being layed off and many others are taking salary haircuts.

Thirty thousand government workers demonstrated this past weekend in Trenton, New Jersey against sever state budget cuts. Most states have their own demonstrations. Now the government workers are worried.

Where were all of these people when manufacturing was leaving America? Where were the state employees when tens of thousands of customer service jobs left America? Can they say they did anything for the engineers or computer people that were outsourced overseas?

It has gotten to the point that no other groups of labor supported me and my industry, I am almost glad that a ton of misery is falling on the local and state workers facing layoffs, salary haircuts, and reductions or loss of pensions.

And the teachers, police, and firemen wonder where public support lies. Most of us went through and are still facing the same things and we have no empathy for you now.

There is a famous saying: "What goes around comes around".

It means that all of labor should be in it together. That no-one can let bad things happen to labor in one industry because it will only re-occur in another industry.


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