Monday, June 06, 2005

First Post: Lets Celebrate Reaching 300 Million people

During the author's lifetime the population has already doubled from 146 million to about 296 million people today. Our senior citizens born in 1915 or earlier will see the population triple from 100 million to 300 million in 2006. Those born in 1968 will see a population increase of 100 million people next year. We will see another population increase to 400 million in less than 35 years.
We need to reflect on the issues we faced as a nation over the years and celebrate our successes over the years and learn from our mistakes.
Americans love celebrations. If we can give ticker tape parades to World Series champions, the Iranian hostages, and Queen Elizabeth, I don't think celebrating the day or week that we reach 300 million population is too much to ask for. No matter how you evaluate it is a memorable and huge accomplishment.
The author will try to establish a 300 million population blog site to track opinions, milestones, events, print, web, TV, and radio media, and suggested classroon curriculum. This will be the first blog for this author, so please be patient.