Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cara Carleton "Carly" Fiorina, Economic Advisor to John McCain

Fiorina has been floated in some sources as a potential Vice President in a McCain administration.[38] She endorsed Senator John McCain as the Republican nominee in the 2008 presidential elections and campaigned with him.[39] At an economic round-table with the senator in January 2008, Fiorina praised McCain, claiming that "John McCain is a man who understands what the role of government should be, and what the role of government should not be."[40]

On March 7, 2008 Fiorina was named "Chair of Victory, 2008," an RNC coordinated group to raise money and conduct get out the vote activities, by the Republican National Committee. She also stated then that she would additionally be a point person for the McCain campaign as related to business and economic affairs, as well as publicly advocating the Republican Party.[41] Fiorina has along with Bill Gates been actively promoting expansion of H-1B visa guest worker visas. [42]

On January 7, 2004, at a meeting with Congressional members, Fiorina said, "There is no job that is America's God-given right anymore. We have to compete for jobs as a nation."[16][17][18] Her statements angered Bay Area workers who felt that low wages overseas encouraged corporations to use less-qualified offshore workers instead of well-qualified locals.[19] Fiorina responded to this criticism by publishing a clarifying op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal.[20]
Fiorina was named in the Time 100 for 2004.[21]


Nothing makes me gag more about John McCain than his economic advisor Carly Fiorina. She is the poster child of Overseas outsourcing of American jobs and the lies encouraging temporary alien labor through the H1B program replacing Americans on the job in America.

I guess McCain is for more outsourcing of American jobs overseas and the importation of more temporary alien workers in America replacing Americans on the job in America. McCain and Fiorina do not shy away from Americans losing good jobs overseas or the importation of aliens to America to replace Americans on the job, they seem to relish in it.

McCain and Fiorina are kicking American labor where it hurts. Every job outsourced overseas means an American gets fired, and s/he loses that income and benefits, and the local community and state loses the income also. And America as a nation loses the skills and income also. McCain and Fiorina support scabs, which are everyone replacing an American or legal citizen on the job in America due to illegal aliens residing in America, outsourcing of American jobs overseas, and the aliens coming to America on temporary H1B visas.

It is time for a change and McCain and Fiorina clearly do not support America's middle class. They clearly support President George Bush's anti labor policies. They are both anti-American. I'd even call both of them traitors to America.

Carly Fiorina is a failed businesswoman being fired from Hewlett Packard for halving the company's value during her tenure. She received a 21 million dollar golden parachute which was 2 1/2 times her salary. Why McCain would cling to her is beyond belief, you think he would lean on someone successful rather than a loser.