Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The H1B Assault on American Labor Continues

The H1B Assault on American Labor Continues

There are two bills in Congress to increase the number of H1B Visas that enables alien workers to replace American workers on the job here in America. The H1B visa was established to allow temporary alien workers into America to supplement shortages of American workers. There are American citizens available, qualified, and willing to do the work nullifying any need for H1B Visas at this time.

But, (read link) " One bill, introduced March 14 in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas, would retroactively boost H1B Visas from 65,000 to 195,000 for fiscal years 2008 and 2009." Another bill, " introduced March 13 by Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz., is dubbed the Innovation Employment Act, and would hike H-1Bs to 130,000 starting this year and 180,000 from 2010 to 2015, provided all H-1B spots are actually filled. Both bills have been referred to the U.S. House Judiciary Committee. " These are annual increases in the numbers of H1B Visas where the alien holders can remain and work in America for several years.

Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas and Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, D-Ariz. should examine the issue more completely and then they will find their bills not necessary and harmful to American labor. These two Representatives are horses arses.

The Bush Triple Play against American citizens labor: the H1B Visas, overseas outsourcing of American jobs, and the facilitation of tens of millions of Mexican illegal aliens must come to a halt. The pendulum has swung too far to the conservative right. Bush and his willing and unwilling co-conspirators have harmed low and middle class Americans too much. With the current national economic problems Bush and company may have seriously damaged America.

" Lest the recent push for H-1B increases be considered a minor one, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates showed up in Washington just before the bills were submitted to ask the House Committee on Science and Technology to raise the H-1B limit. " Gates further testified, " Gates said the current H-1B limit "is arbitrarily set and bears no relation to the U.S. economy's demand for skilled professionals," according to his written testimony submitted to Congress. He also said failure to raise the H-1B cap is forcing Microsoft and other U.S. companies to outsource staff to other countries. "

If they need workers in Seattle, Texas or Arizona or any other place it is cheaper to obtain H1B's. But American enterprise is smarter than that. They could work with local colleges to train local Americans in the skills necessary. They could provide moving expenses and a cheap mortgage for an American and family if there is one to relocate. They could sweeten the salary for an American to relocate. They could contract with the American citizen worker to provide a golden parachute or stock options. They could train one of their own employees and hire a less skilled American to replace the trained worker in the old job. There are many optional ways for an American company to attract skilled American workers.

A lot of work for H1B's is temporary where they are "loaned" or contracted to a client. The work for example can be for government or the private sector. One example might be for a state motor vehicle department system to be redeveloped for all of the new technology, new laws, business intelligence, and new customer satisfaction initiatives. Another example might be for an energy producer to enhance their billing systems by a few digits to better enable the current high prices and future higher prices. Most clients require turnkey systems which would include testing, partial conversion and corrections, and full conversion and implementation and performance tuning.

The contractor would hire for H1B's or American citizens. The American citizens would want relocation expense to move to the client's location, a rental car at the client's location, and travel expense to return home every 2 or 3 weeks for the weekend. The H1B's do not require the same out of pocket expense as the American citizens would because they have no other place to go other than there home countries. And the contractor may set up the H1B's in furnished rental apartments and a car to share they can charge the H1B's for their share of the expenses. Of course, the Americans would cost more in salary than the H1B's also.

Some contractors will outsource much of the programming overseas to further reduce costs. And allow fewer H1B's to provide support at the client's site.

Most contract dollar amounts are large enough to pay for American citizen labor to do the work, but many contractors are greedy and do their best to steer the work to aliens overseas or to H1B aliens in America. How would you feel if you paid for gold for the contract and would up with silver doing the work? How would you feel if you thought Americans would be doing the work and found third work aliens showing up to do the work. I think many American government and business organizations that paid for services thought they got screwed with the Alien H1B's.

After a year or two, the H1B contract is over and the original contractor may or may not have a new assignment for the H1B's. The H1B's are faced with paying rent and other living expenses without an income. If there is work with the original contractor they may have to relocate on their own to the new assignment. They may have downtime without any sponsor or salary in America. They may have to apply back to US Immigration if they can find another sponsor in America.

Personally, I think H1B's should never be brought in for the contractors and be brought in for solely direct employers.

America does not need the corrupt Bush triple play against American labor especially H1B Visa holders. Tens of millions of illegal Mexicans have done too much damage already and should be sent home and their employers should be prosecuted. America should find away to reduce the overseas outsourcing of American jobs.

Have you lost your job to an alien at least once this decade? Have you found you salary and benefits reduced during the Bush administration, also. Do you think you will live as well as your parents did? Do you know that almost 50 million Americans lack adequate food and are hungry and almost 50 million Americans do not have health insurance? Are you impacted severely by the greedy mortgage brokers and other corrupt people foreclosing on a million American homes? Are you struggling with high gasoline and heating costs? Are you struggling to pay the high costs of groceries?

Get active in politics. Write your elected officials at the national, state, and local levels. Contact the people running for office. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and relatives.