Monday, August 18, 2008

Presidential Candidate From Hell, John McCain

Presidential Canidate From Hell, John McCain

Just when the country is sick and tired of Republican Neocons, John McCain spouts out about not losing in Iraq, and promising to kill Osama Bin Laden, and acting tough with the world including Russia over Georgia. While most of the country believes that America should not start wars, this guy is looking for more wars.

This guy was not spectacular growing up in fact he was not only a legacy admitted student to Annapolis and a below average student, he was a troublemaker racking up far too many penalties violating the schools policies.

While he spent many years as a prisoner of war, he is not the same kind of hero as John Glenn and many others. Most people made choices that were heroic, but McCain had no choices as he was shot down in Vietnam. Not much has been said how he was shot down, that he was not as fit as he should have been or that he did not follow orders or training, or that the enemy was just lucky that day.

McCain cheated on his first wife. Enough said.

The Navy did not want him to be promoted into the Admiral ranks and passed him over. Nothing has been said why they passed him over. He certainly had some juice because his father and grandfather were Admirals. If the Navy did not want John McCain, I do not want him as President either.

McCain and his wife are the Ken and Barbie of Congress with more than $100 millions in assets and an annual income of more than $6 million. Their personal lifestyle has been hidden from the public and that is wrong. Lets publish pictures of the exteriors and interiors of their homes. Lets see what their personal jet looks like and lets be informed about the trips they took. What kind of art, jewels, cars, and other possessions do they own? They say the bulk of the assets are in a beer distributorship. How do they treat their employees? Do they contract out labor? How many servants do they have? If McCain became President he would have to step down in his lifestyle to live in the White House.

America has been crippled by the Bush regime and McCain wants to continue the Bush policies which does not make any sense to me. Personally, I think the McCain agenda is even harsher than the pain and suffering Americans had and still have with Bush.

McCain is 71 years old and is too old to be President. He has not kept up with society. He is not Internet savvy. He shows memory lapses. He does not have good enough reasons to be President.

His birth, infancy, childhood, teenage years, college years, and all through his working years,, McCain has been at the public trough. His Dad and Grandfather were Navy Admirals and McCain lived on military reservations. He was paid to attend college at Annapolis for free and when he graduated he began a career with the Navy and retired and started a new career in Congress. Nobody can count the dollar value of the meals, doctor visits, prescriptions, clothes, housing, retirement contributions, and other benefits for McCain that Uncle Sam paid for. McCain is the ultimate welfare benefactor. But he has no empathy for other Americans without adequate food, shelter, clothing, hospital and medical benefits, education opportunities, and other thing. McCain is a hypocrate.

McCain is not qualified to be President, and the qualities that he possesses are wrong for America.