Monday, November 27, 2006


There are a lot of people walking around America with legal documents that do not belong to them.

Some people are identity thieves stealing your credit and assets and ruining your credit report.

Some are illegal aliens who may just come to America for work and some are terrorists.

Some may have individual documents such as social security card, birth certificate, drivers license, passport, visa, marriage certificate, military discharge papers, draft card, and/or other documents for their personal use and others may carry two or more document with different names with intent to distribute.

Right now authorization is in the hands of business and landlords and that does not seem to work. Why not turn it to the individuals who carry unauthorized identity documents? Give the police something to work with? It seems that American immigration cannot track immigrants with so many unauthorized documents in public, lets make it easier for them.

Why not make possession of identity legal documents or facsimiles of someone else at least a misdemeanors crime and possession of multiple identity legal documents or facsimiles of others a felony?

Why not make possession of financial instruments or transactions in someone else's name be a felony? This could include any financial account or service. This could include obtaining loans or credit cards, purchases with a credit card, purchases of cars, boats, and real estate. The media says it is very difficult to prosecute identity theft...Lets give the prosecutors some ammunition.

America should encourage an honest society and punish those that try to enrich themselves by fraud or misrepresentation. We should also not enable the terrorists.