Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ask the Governor of Your State Where Your $3269 State Rebate and Dividend Is?

Ask the Governor of Your State Where Your $3269 State Rebate and Dividend Is?

Winter is coming and today I had my old oil burner tuned up for winter. A couple of months ago I paid $5.099 per gallon for my latest delivery which is the most I have paid per gallon. It brought me to think how I could save on this years heating costs because I know the price of heating oil is going up over last year's heating season.

We have been covering the inside windows with palstic to cut out drafts for the past several years. If we can find some money we will try to add insulation this year.

Last year we lowered the overall temperature so that most of us wore a sweater while awake in the house. We lowered the temperature another 5 degrees when everyone went to bed. We lowered the temperature even more when there was nobody in the house. They said last winter was warm and I hope this winter is warm also.

Today I learned about the $3269 state rebate and dividend paid to all 600,000 of Alaska's citizens where they can now afford to pay high home heating costs and wondered where my big state check was.

And Alaska has no income, property, or sales tax. The state of Alaska taxes the oil companies in Alaska for its revenues and still has billions leftover to pay the annual dividend and the one time rebate to all of the Alaskan citizens and still have billions of dollars of surplus. Alaska has more than 30 billion dollars of surplus.

I admire that kind of social welfare for its citizens and Governor Palin as its leader.

Governor Palin also recieves $1.75 for each $1.00 paid in taxes to the Federal government while most states get less than $1.00 for each dollar their citizens pay in income tax.

It almost sounds good enough to move there.