Thursday, August 28, 2008

Will Bush, Daddy Bush, and Ronald Reagan Show at Republican Convention?

Will Bush Daddy Bush, and Ronald Reagan Show at Republican Convention?

John McClain has a three dilemmas whether or not to invite George Bush to his convention, another dilemma to invite Daddy Bush, also, and whether or not to invoke Ronald Reagan.

The current President Bush has a very low approval rating which John McClain needs to distance himself from otherwise he becomes painted with the same disapproval poles. But the President is the leader of the Republican Party that cannot be ignored. The handling of President Bush at the Republican Convention is the first real diplomatic challenge for John McCain.

The second dilemma is to invite Daddy Bush to speak. Most Americans hold Daddy Bush in a favorable light. We thank every day that he was smart enough not to tear down Iraq and bring down Saddam Hussain when he was President. We like to believe that he would have upheld the Geneva Convention and not torture any enemies. We like to believe that Daddy Bush was more practical and pragmatic than his son being so dogmatic about "free trade" and harming the middle class. Daddy Bush never disfavorably commented about his son but we all know that he thought his son was wrong because his example was so different. I do not think Daddy Bush has the same loyalty for John McCain.

There are no other living Republican Presidents. Reagan, Ford, and Nixon are dead.

Perhaps, McCain will have a Frankenstein Republican Convention and try to bring back to life President Reagan. Maybe we should have a lottery about how many times Regan's name will be invoked during the Republican Convention. Maybe there will be a movie about Reagan shown during the convention. Maybe they will get a Ronald Reagan living relative to speak. Trying to count how many times Ronald Reagan's name is said during the convention on TV, cable, and the Internet will be as difficult as trying to estimate how many jelly beans Ronald Reagan was famous for keeping in a dish on his desk in the Oval Office.

But America knows that Ronald Reagan was no George Bush or John McCain. Ronald Reagan made final decisions but he delegated to his cabinet and held them to their goals or he would fire them. If something was not working he would quickly get it back on track. Ronald Reagan was practical and pragmatic. Ronald Reagan was a union member for decades and a union President where he knew American labor needed a fair wage and benefits and that moderate amounts of film production overseas could not be helped as long as the American film industry was still vital. Ronald Reagan knew America provided 52% of world GDP during World War II, supporting our Allies and fighting Germany one side of the World and Japan on the other. Ronald Reagan knew we should never offshore entire American industries nor should we ever sell American strategic assets for foreign countries. If John McCain invokes Ronald Reagan they will distort what he was really about. The Reagan family should never allow it to happen.

My dilemma is whether or not to watch the Republican Convention next week. One side tells me it will be very sad, but the other side is that it could be tremendously funny.

John McCain and whoever he picks as Vice President I think will lend themselves to America as two comedians, such as Abbot and Costello or Laurel and Hardy, trying to sell their agenda in earnest, but nobody seriously buying it.