Wednesday, May 27, 2009

We Do Not Need An Anarchist Sonia Sotomayor On Supreme Court

We Do Not Need An Anarchist Sonia Sotomayor On Supreme Court

Obama nominates Sonia Sotomayor to U.S. Supreme Court, an Hispanic woman. This is how she identifies herself instead of as an American. She is supported by many Hispanic groups that also support illegal aliens in America. She appears to be an anarchist to me. Too many people swear to uphold the constitution and the laws of the United States and they fail to do so. George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Mayor Bloomberg, and governor Corzine and many other American elected officials swore to the oath of office and disregarded the law. If Sonia Sotomayor is confirmed and swears the oath to become a justice of the Supreme Court, she will lie to her oath of office and be an anarchist too.

A state of society without government or law is a definition of anarchy. We have it for years since Ronald Reagan was president and it continues during the Obama administration with no signs of relief. When Reagan gave amnesty during his administration this was to be the last time that we had to deal with the illegal immigrant problem. Since the Reagan amnesty things got worse.

The law that is broken involves millions of illegal aliens, the employers that illegally hire them, and the landlords that provide them shelter. It also includes Mayors such as Bloomberg in New York City and Governors such as Jon Corzine of New Jersey that provide sanctuary for illegal aliens, which is also illegal. The American southern border does not protect America from illegal aliens and drug runners. There is some motion to capture illegals at the border but it is not accomplished vigorously. The efforts are like emptying the Atlantic ocean with a teaspoon. So is the prosecution of employers of illegal aliens which also moves at a snail pace. Prosecution of landlords that provide shelter to illegal aliens is slower than a snails pace. Prosecution of the sanctuary elected officials does not exist.

New Jersey and California among many other states have vast budget problems that are partially caused by the billions of dollars of local and state expense to pay for the education and health care of illegal alien families. The problem could be remedied by leadership from President Obama to send ICE out to vigorously arrest the employers and landlords of illegal aliens, which would start drying up the employment and housing of the illegal aliens in America, giving the illegal aliens the message clearly to return back to their home countries. The states of New Jersey and California would feel financial relief within a couple of weeks.

I want Americans on the Supreme Court, not people that see themselves as Hispanics first. The Hispanics already forced a dual language and a dual society in America recently adding Spanish to English which was the sole language of America since its founding. Already "ENGLISH" cable, broadcast TV, radio, newspapers, advertising, billboards, and much more have dual language in them. Instead of learning English in school, many young Hispanics have their classes in Spanish. Union County College has pages of varied classes in Spanish in their catalog. From what I understand, they can graduate from high school without learning English. Governor Corzine wants to charge illegal alien high school graduates in state tuition at state universities, instead of out of state tuition which is much higher. New Jersey graduates thousands of illegal aliens each year at a cost much higher than $10,000 per student per year. They should be sent back to their home countries with their parents.

Union County also had 2 hospitals close recently, Union Hospital in Union, New Jersey and Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, New Jersey due to underfunding of patients without insurance but required hospital services. New Jersey is also paying for the babies of the illegal aliens. An American citizen couple has to be economical and save their money to pay the doctor and hospital for the birth of their child and to fund the child thru the years providing clothes shelter, clothing, and care, adding up to as much as $200,000 in expense per child or more. Many of the illegal alien mothers and their newborns obtain everything for free from the county and state in America where they live which is unfair.

The bleeding hearts put American citizens at risk because they now have to travel four times or more the distance to reach a hospital that is open. Many Americans cannot obtain support at clinics because the illegal aliens have taken them over in many cases. The situation has arose where many American citizens are boxed out of clinical care where they can get fillings for their teeth and have to rely on emergency care where they usually do no fillings but pull the teeth.

Corzine, Bloomberg, Bush, Obama are sending American states to budget hell because the local and state government have to fund the education and health care of tens of millions of illegal aliens. Everyone knows or suspects who the illegal aliens are on our streets in all of our towns and cities. The paranoia of our police not to arrest law violators such as illegal aliens, their employers, and their landlords is abominable.

America does not need a Hispanic crusader and anarchist, Sonia Sotomayor on the Supreme Court.

The bleeding hearts are turning America into a third world country. America does not need a third world judge on the Supreme court.

Personally, this can make Obama a one term President and send Corzine home instead of back to Trenton.

It would be much more acceptable for the American citizen public if immigration was legal and moderate, but it is not. Some people can follow the rules and others think the rules do not apply. Moderate numbers of illegal people starting out in America such as a few thousand or tens of thousands across America would be barely noticeable to help support but tens of millions are outrageous and very stressful and nearly impossible to support.