Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bleeding Hearts Don't Do Much For Poor in Mexico

The Catholic church and dozens of other bleeding heart organizations giving lipservice to illegal aliens support in America, do not do much for the poor in Mexico.

Many areas of Mexico are on par with other hellholes in the world such as Calcutta, India.

On TV we see children picking thru garbage barefoot when they should be in school. Many Americans donate each month for these kids living in hovels without utilities or sanitary facilities. I'm sure these children do not get immunization. And these people are America's southern neighbors.

For the past few decades, why have not the bleeding hearts worked with the rich Catholics and government of Mexico to improve the lives of millions of Mexico's poor in Mexico? I guess they just were not doing their jobs or ignoring their roles as charitable people. They are all shamed.

Now the bleeding hearts put the social costs of the full weight of millions of illegal aliens on the American middle class, whose standard of living is imperiled with the onslaught of million of illegal workers who are reducing wages and benefits in America. Poverty has not been eliminated for Americans living in America. We can find homeless people everywhere in America. There are 35 million Americans who do not have adequate food every day. And we are supposed to aid these illegal aliens, when we do not do all we can for poor American citizens?.

All of the bleeding hearts and the President and Congress who want to have cheap labor should move to Mexico and I'm sure they can find many people to clean, cook, or landscape real cheap.

Bush Lexicon: Food Insecurity

We have to thank President George bush for adding to our vocabulary. America has food insecurity amounting to 11% f the population or 35 million people who had low food insecurity last year. We used to call it hunger. It all boils down to the fact that in the richest country in the world, a lot of people are hungry, no matter what you call it. Thank you, President Bush.

Read all about Food Insecurity:

The organization measuring food insecurity is a Bush Cabinet level official who runs the Department of Agriculture, Secretary Mike Johanns. I think he is a great bean counter for people in misery. I'd like to know what he is doing to help people put food on their tables in America. there are really some people in America in desperate straits that should be assisted. What are you doing to feed the 35 million people in America in food insecurity Mike Johanns. As the leader in the richest country in the world what do you have to say for yourself when so many people in America do not have enough food and the situation is not improving for them.

Certainly you are not a helpless moron who cannot do anything to feed the food insecure people in America? Do not finger point and say it is not your job. Give me a break. Mr. Mike Johanns do you have a few creative ideas to solve the problem or at least drastically reduce it. I would hate to find out Bush and Congress brought you into the position of Secretary of Agriculture to do nothing. Maybe you are a good boy and are following orders. Right now I would say you are just another big dummy in President Bush's cabinet. When you leave the Cabinet, I would not hire you because you seem so incompetent. I can't imagine what you would have on you resume for your Cabinet years.