Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bumbling Dumbasses In Congress Bullying Car Execs

Bumbling Dumb Asses In Congress Bullying Car Execs

It was a sad comedy to watch most of the proceedings of the Senate and House Committees grilling the car execs from Detroit recently.

Sure the execs in Detroit blew it during the last 25 years and there is no excuse for them. Since Jimmy Carter's presidency they did not heed. They had history repeat itself and they got severely burned. They also had the market with electric cars in California and America could have had at least one million electric powered cars on the road already, probably even five or ten times that number, but they killed it. Detroit also never funded their pension and health plan obligations each year to have the funds ready and available in the future when their workers retired. To fund pensions that were earned over many decades of employee hard work out of current earnings was asinine. Detroit car executives met the dumb, dumber, and dumbest qualifications.

Congress needs to wake up and realize it does not mean much to beat up on the Detroit car companies because they are dead already and do not know it yet.

Congress, especially the Republicans caused the recent problems for the Detroit car companies. First, the republican economic view of the world caused the vast economic problems today in the financial markets today. Most people need financing if they are to buy or lease a vehicle and the credit score required to obtain a loan is forbidding to most people, so Detroit cannot sell cars to most prospective customers because they do not qualify for loans in today's market.

The Republicans caused the oil market prices to be exceedingly high, causing hardship for hundreds of millions of Americans struggling to pay for gasoline, diesel, and home heating oil. The Republicans were in charge all this time. Many people decided that the high gasoline prices failed to justify buying or even keeping the gas guzzler SUV's that Detroit emphasized in building.

The Republicans failed to have a good energy plan for America. The Today Show indicated this week that Iceland has already eliminated coal and replaced it with geothermal for providing electric and hot water and heat for their homes. And Iceland has committed to the electric car to eliminate importation of fossil fuels. Brazil is already free of foreign oil. Israel will be free of foreign oil in a couple of years. America has no viable plan and looks backward in the world.

The Republican made the executives of the Detroit car makers go begging in Washington when everything could have been more functional if Congress and the President had a viable energy plan. Detroit would have to be integrated in America's energy plan if Congress ever stepped up to it. Maybe our grandchildren will see Congress and the President have a viable energy plan. With all of the arguments and hostilities I am not sure anything can be done that will really be successful.

Congress and the President have to settle on electric cars, natural gas fueled cars, ethanol powered cars, and hydrogen powered cars. Congress has to put its money where its mouth is and commit to creating the infrastructure across America for the new fuels. The Boone's plan for trucks to be powered by natural gas was excellent when oil was highly priced but would really be feasible if natural gas could be assured at low prices for many decades. That would be good to convert hundred's of thousands of fuel oil heated homes in America to natural gas which is plentiful in America.

The real dumb asses are the President and Congress because they never stepped up to a viable national energy plan. They allowed America to be held hostage to foreign fuel imports and the near collapse of the American economy. By not having a clear national energy plan from the President and Congress, the Detroit car execs basically continued what they were doing, building gas guzzlers.