Thursday, July 27, 2006

Get Out the Microscope

102 days from now until Election Day.

Well, the countdown is upon us to decide on who we are going to vote for on Election Day, Novemeber 7th. Many of us have to vote for a federal senator and representative this year among other positions.

I have to confess that I am a little confused about who I will vote for right now. I know who I would like to vote for. But this election is so important to America that I cannot vote just on gut instinct alone.

I have a set of issues I want addressed before I go to the polls.

Up unitl the past few days there was no information available about the national issues from my democratic representaive in the running Linda Stender. There are no position papers, no issues at all on her website. There are no meaningful press releases for her either. During her current job as a Trenton legislature, the main issue that caught myu eye was she co-sponsored a bill to grant illegal aliens under conditions in-state tuition at New Jersey public colleges and universities. New Jersey's priorities must be to legal citizens and legal immigrants because the State of New Jersey and its communities are alrady paying exremely high taxes and cannot afford to be charitable to immigrant felons and children of immigrant felons. I don't want to elect someone more interested in illegal aliens that legal American citizens and legal immigrants. I dont want to have a cupcake to vote for on Election Day.

Ferguson is the Republican running to repeesnt my district in Congress. Personally, I don't care for him because he has been a Yes-Man for President Bush and we all know how that is going. He is also associated with taking money more than $57,000 from Tom Delay that he refuses to return or donate to charity. But I see glimmers of hope from him on some issues.

Kean and Menendez are the candidates for Senate. Kean owes big national Republicans big time for assisting in his fundraising including Cheney, Mrs. Bush (but if you owe her you really owe her husband), Guliani, and McClain. Kean primarily is slamming Menendez and not really speaking out on his issues. He also violates my rule of not voting for children of successful politicians. We all made that mistake with the Bush father and son, and I dont want to do it again with Tom Keane Sr. and Jr. I do respect most of the work of George Sr and Tom Sr, though. To me Menendez represents the current Senate and he goes against the grain with me on such things as amnesty for the illegal immigrants.

It is a shame that Governor Corzine spent millions to lobby the county democratic organizations to get the democratic nod for governor. And his hand-picked successor to the federal Senate, Menendez was not the best choice for New Jersey. It is time to elliminate big money from politics, but that is a different story. Mega-millionairres should not be shoo-ins for office. But that is another issue.

We have to get the microscope to find out what their concepts for the issues are before the election. We must watch their debates. We must read their websites. We must follow the news about them. We really must pay attention.

I really hope that a representive and a senator shows up that is viable for the middle class American citizens and legal aliens. It is time for a change from business as usual in Washington or else we are going to get several more years of national neglect and hard times for middle class Americans and legal aliens.