Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All H1B's Are Scabs

All H1B's Are Scabs

There has been a major decline in union membership recently, and there are horrendous laws on the books to prevent the major union weapon known as the strike. Most legal workers in America today have held to a certain wage and benefit level. Employers and their co-conspirator government allies, most of them our elected officials do not bargain with a union anymore but with hundreds or thousands of individuals.

They can cherry pick which employees they fire to be replaced aliens individually by bring in H1B's or at a wholesale level by hiring illegal aliens, or they can ship the organization to a foreign country. Most of us have been outsourced or witnessed the outsourcing of co-workers. if we are lucky to keep our jobs, we have to keep quiet and work with the scabs or else we will get fired. Sometimes they bring in our replacements and we have to train them in order to survive on the job a little longer and maybe receive severance money or be fired right away and receive no severance money. For the most part American employers can get away with firing American workers for no cause due to at-will laws. Basically at-will is when and employer can fire you for no cause because you have the right to quit your job at any time. At will firing has been successful for companies in America because there is no public outcry. Most companies are sensitive to public outcry, but when there is none they will do their shady deals.

Lockout is the outsourcing of American jobs to foreign countries, the importation of illegal alien replacements to take the jobs of legal Americans, and the H1B Visa program that facilitates the replacement of American workers on the job in America.

There are no strikes because American labor is now pretty much not organized into unions and there are now anti-union laws that have severe punishment for unions to strike. President Carter fired postal workers. President Reagan fired air traffic controllers. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City and governor George Pataki of New York sought and won prison time for the President of the MTA union TWU and a severe fine.

I have to say that I admire the New York City TWU President for sticking to his guns for his members to have decent pay and retirement even though he went to prison and his union paid an extreme fine. Most union leaders today whether at the local or national level leave a lot to be desired in supporting their members because they allowed the loss of tens of million jobs in America without a fight and the future is no brighter for them and their members unless they show some backbone.

Americans are law abiding people. They enjoy fair play. They are not violent. They do not complain much. Most think losing their jobs to aliens is their fault even though it is not. I do not know of any violent event when a legal American assaulted a scab. But their are 500,000 illegal aliens that cannot be found that committed crimes in America that require priority prison time and then deportation many of them murderers that the Bush administration do anything about.

Just remember, you are supporting scabs when you purchase goods from companies that hire them. When you are a bleeding heart for illegal aliens you are rejecting jobs for you children , grandchildren, other relatives, friends, and neighbors. You are also magnifying the costs to your local, state, and national government. My county in New Jersey lost two hospitals due to excessive demand of services of people without insurance and low compensation for charity care where now emergencies will have to travel miles further to reach other hospitals risking life.

Just think about the H1B you may have to work with because there may be another H1B to replace you soon.

Just like the millions of Mexicans that have climbed fences and hitch hiked to destinations all over America, they can go back the same way when the American employers are prosecuted and the jobs and money dry up. We just have to find criminal justice employees to step up and do their jobs.

The scabs are the new slaves of American business. Whether they work in America or work overseas in their home countries they are underpaid and have few benefits. American business is cheating them and the long term consequence is continued bad reputation for America. Most are from desperate areas of the world where being a slave for American business is an improvement. Their countries are responsible for them not America. If the bleeding hearts want to save the slaves they should do it in the home countries of these individuals not in America.

Free trade as defined by Bush is wrong because too many countries take advantage of America. Fair trade is better when there is something for us too. Too many countries have barriers to prevent American services and goods from entering their countries. We cannot allow lopsided balance of trade with countries like China where we owe them trillions of dollars.

Bush tried to change America into a Roman Empire civilization where 5% of the population had any rights, had the money to pay for educating their children, pay for health care, had property, had a decent standard of living... and the other 95% had basically nothing and most were slaves. He is going to succeed if we let him by ignoring all of the problems he has caused. Caesar Bush is wrong for America.

"It is all about the jobs, stupid", should be the theme of American politics now. Write your local, state, and national elected officials. Stand up and let your feeling known. Boycott anyplace that you think hires scabs. Support the unions when you think they are doing some good. join peaceful protests. Discuss the issues with everyone but your employer.