Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where Are The White Hairs, Gray Hairs, and No Hairs ?

Where Are The White Hairs, Gray Hairs, and No Hairs ?

You cannot solve the unemployment crises without addressing age discrimination. It is so obvious, but almost no-one is talking about it. Most American businesses like to broadcast images that they are good neighbors, but it is a lie that they support their older employees.

Travel during rush hours and look around to find any gray hairs, white hairs, or balding people, in other words older Americans over 40 years of age. Try try estimate their ages as between 40 to 50 years of age, 50 to 60 years of age, and over 60 years of age. You will probably come to the conclusion that most commuters are under 40 years of age.

When you are at a workplace, look for older Americans and try to guess age ranges for most of them.

Ask yourself where are those workers over 40 years of age. Ask yourself where are the workers over 50 years old. Ask yourself where are the workers over 60 years of age.

Everyone knows that the jobs 20 years ago were staffed by those aged 40 and over today and those in the jobs today were all students then.

Beware of the bottom fisher employers with low pay and a major lack of benefits; they'll hire anyone they can exploit. These jobs destroy local communities and states because taxes from the employers and employees cannot support higher wage teacher, nurse, medical technology, police, and fire protection salaries and benefits. And they drain medicare, medicaid, and charity medical care.

With the new President, there is an opportunity to discect the problem. There are two problems which are that employers have higher healthcare expenses with older workers than younger workers and secondly employees need assistance to retrain because employers will not.

As one gets older, employers paid employee healthcare expense increases where many employers seek to lower their expenses and they weed out older employees. Healthcare expense for everyone should not discriminate older Americans.

Most employers do not pay to retrain or recertify their workers and they fire those with obsolete skills and hire ones prepared with the new skills and certification. Today training and education expense is so high in America that employees have the dilemma to support their families or to continue to pay for their own training and education. It is not enough to support education and training for kids right out of high school, but to also support individuals that have finished their early education and worked for a few years and need additional training or education to continue working. Training and education tuition expense for experienced workers should be less than half the amount it is today. Employees also need to pay daily living expenses while retraining or obtaining additional education. There are only so many hours in the day and it is almost impossibly to work full time and also attend class and study.

America must start caring for their older American workers. It is unfair to make millions of Americans forfeit their senior working years where they should be able to finish paying off the debt for their homes and children's educations, and save meaningfully for their retirements.

America cannot afford to discriminate about its labor force especially by age.