Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spooners, American Royalty

Spooners, American Royalty

It seems that most people running for office are the silver or should I say golden spooner children of wealthy past high office elected officials, like the daughter of ex Governor Christy Whitman of of New Jersey. The governor was also Secretary and head of the national EPA under this Bush administration.

We all know that New Jersey is in deep trouble balancing the budget primarily because of past Governor Whitman's voodoo economic policies that have come home to roost especially with this year's budget. The mother, Former Gov. Whitman cut revenue and didn't cut expenses. To make up for the shortfall, former Gov. Whitman didn't make the pension and health care payments of all the government employees in the state for six years. As if this wasn't bad enough, former Gov. Whitman raided the Transportation Trust Fund and pushed through a $3.2 billion bond issue that traded in the derivatives market as well so she could balance her budget. The state took a beating on the derivatives, and using a capital fund for operating expenses is like using an equity loan for vacations. No surprise here but the Transportation Trust Fund is depleted.

One has to wonder why so many children and spouses of high elected officials feel the need to run for office. Is it that they were spoiled by the trappings of office that their parents of spouse had? It is that they are committed to their family's political policies? Is it that they have the money from their family to seed elections? Are we turning the clock back to the age of royalty, and the politically connected and wealthy owned everything and the rest of us suffered as peons or peasants?

My stomach started to heave with the mother's political actions. New Jersey did have a surplus before she got her hands on the budget. Then she cut taxes for the wealthy. Then she did not make pension payments for New Jersey government workers for six years. Then she gambled further with state funds and lost it all.

Ex governor Whitman is a"gentlewoman farmer" with a huge, valuable estate with farm assessment to save in taxes. The Whitman have all of the money in the world but I pay a higher rate to taxes on my New Jersey home than she does on hers. I don't know for sure but she probably loses money on the farm investment, but saves plenty on the real estate taxes.
She uses a big tax loophole to save real estate money that I really do not think she deserves. The family does not depend on agriculture for their massive income.

Now the Whitman family is pulling for their daughter to win primary nomination. Representative Ferguson is retiring office of the seat the younger lady is seeking. This guy was a teacher and his rich father bankrolled him into elected office. This guy was a Bush clone and had no ideas of his own. He spent most of his time on the golf course where he was known as one of Congress's best golfers. Maybe we should be grateful that he spent so much time on the golf links. New Jersey does not need another Bush clone in office. He will not be missed by the people of the 7th district.

My advice to the daughter is to be real. Go ride your horse and play golf with your rich friends. The country is in enough trouble and does not need more. My stomach cannot take another Whitman in office. We do not need you in Washington. Why don't you try to increase the Whitman fortune like the Trump daughter is trying to increase her family's fortune? At least the Trump daughter is not stupid enough to run for office.

The Whitman family has done damage to New Jersey but not as much as the Bush family has damaged America. What are you trying to do, set a worse record?

America does not need Spooners. We already have enough Clinton's, Kennedy's, Bush's, Kean's, and many others. We need new blood in our elected offices.