Monday, August 25, 2008

It Is Nice To Be King John McCain

It Is Nice To Be King John McCain

It Is Nice To Be King John McCain. John McCain gets to walk around in $500 pair of shoes. John McCain has so many homes he did not know how many homes he had. Queen Cindy McCain spends more on clothes each year than the gross annual pay of the majority of American households. They even fly on their own jet.

The American dream for King John McCain was to marry a very rich woman and for Queen Cindy McCain was to have a rich daddy. Today they have around $100 million in assets with at least $4 million in annual income. Their goal is to preserve their pile of gold(wealth) and to pass it on to their children and grandchildren intact. King John McCain religiously supports King George Bush's of the Bush Dynasty tax cuts for the wealthy.

Real Americans cook their own meals, dust, vacuum, wash dishes and laundry, shop for their own groceries, make their beds, mop floors, clean bathrooms, wash windows, cut grass, and shovel snow. I doubt that King John McCain or his wife Queen Cindy can tell you the last time they did any of that. They are definitely out of touch with most Americans.

King McCain conspired to depress wages and benefits of the majority of Americans by facilitating unharnessed free trade, millions of illegal aliens to enter America and the lack of enforcement of more laws on the books, and hundreds of thousands of H1B temporary workers that are no longer needed in America. King McCain has already stated he supports continued Republican free trade.

They have no empathy for America's hungry, homeless, uninsured, or others struggling for their American dream. In fact they want to minimize America's major safety nets, Social Security and Medicare as well as the minor ones such as Medicaid, Food Stamps, and others.

Personally, I fear the King John McCain programs more than those of King George Bush. Bush became distracted with the Iraq War, but King McCain will if elected come into office with a terrifying agenda and of course the rank and file American citizens will suffer from it.

At times King John McCain thinks he is a regular guy but he has been the Admiral all of his life in his mind just like his father and his grandfather were real Admirals. King John McCain is a self deluded acedemically challenged dangerous cranky old man with a fearful agenda that is wrong for America. Say "Hello King" or "Hello Admiral" if you run into him on the campaign trail and you will probably get a positive response from him.