Monday, November 19, 2007

Second Hospital in Union County New Jersey About to Close

More Hospitals in Union County New Jersey About to Close

A couple of months ago we lost Union Hospital in Union, New Jersey. It was a pretty full service hospital, but now it is only open for emergencies and patients requiring admission will be transferred to Overlook Hospital in Summit.

A few years ago there were three distinct hospitals in Elizabeth, New Jersey until Alexian Brothers, Elizabeth General Hospital, and St. Elizabeth Hospitals merged and became Trinitas Hospital. I do not know what they are doing with the huge old Elizabeth General Hospital anymore, because there is no more emergency room there, and hardly any lights on, and no visitors for any expected patients. What was a bustling hospital looks like it is effectively closed.

My insurance recently will not allow me to go to the old Rahway Hospital in Rahway, New Jersey for some reason unless it is an emergency.

Now Muhlenberg Hospital in Plainfield, New Jersey is up for sale. It has been losing money for years and I do not think its prospects are good. The grapevine blames too many Medicare and Medicaid patients and the unfairly low government payments to the hospital.

I do not feel as safe anymore with the hospital situation. With the closing of Elizabeth General, Union, and possibly Muhlenberg Hospitals, Union County, New Jersey has already lost hundreds of hospital beds. And I am now excluded from going to the Old Rahway Hospital because my insurance company told me to stay away from there.

I do not understand what is going on with healthcare and the hospital situation. If it seems rotting in my county it is probably just as bad for you. I think the problem needs to be addressed, or else we will be finding more hospitals closing or providing limitted service.