Sunday, February 24, 2008



About ten years ago I was looking for short sleeve knit shirts for myself made in America at a major department store in New Jersey. Guess what? I could not find any and the store had thousands of them for sale.

I needed a new toaster and went to a few highway stores to find one made in America. Guess what? I could not even find one out of maybe fifty on the shelves of the stores.

Even in our grocery stores there are fewer foods each year grown or raised in America.

A lot of our generic prescription medicines come from overseas, too.

The importers and our wonderful Federal Government in Washington, DC do not examine the goods before they leave foreign countries or examine them when they arrive. Almost every day we hear about recalls of foreign products when they cause harm to American citizens. The importers and the Federal Government have put our food supply in jeopardy. They put our pet foods in jeopardy. Our drugs may not have the strengths or even may not even have medicine putting millions in health jeopardy. We are also being poisoned with lead from many imported objects.

Many imported goods nowadays are not even labeled with the country of origen or the label is difficult to find or read. If you do not want your child to play with any toys from China, if you do not want to eat from any plates, pots, pans, or kitchen utensils from China, or you do not want any medicines from India, or produce from Mexico, for example, you may have a difficult time identifying them.

I feel safer purchasing and using items grown, raised, and made in America, by Americans. Million of Americans feel the same way. There is a tremendous market for American goods in America.

Millions of jobs from America have already gone overseas. Too many industries that were American not only in America, but worldwide are now gone in America, with more to leave America if nothing is done to prevent it.

Most jobs have been exported to China and India. It is time to stop outsourcing overseas and to even bring many or the jobs back to America.

Our stores are now Chinamarts. Most of the products in their stores come from China. Most of the toys for our children come from china. Most of our electronics comes from China. Much of our frozen fruit juice and honey also comes from China. Our clothes, shoes and sneakers mostly come from China. Most new items in gift or decorator shops are from China. The next time you shop for furniture ask where it came from, that is right probably China. Enough is enough. China should be thanking all of America for putting them to work and making them wealthier. We should be getting Chinese money in rebates for purchasing their goods. I call all stores with most of the goods made in China, chinamarts. We all know who they are. Most of our malls are full of chinamarts.

America is paying billions of dollars for foreign goods which employ and build infrastucture overseas while American employment and infrastructure suffers. As America spends more for foreign goods and services, our dollar becomes more and more worthless.

There are some very smart Americans who should get together and determine why China and India and other countries are stealing our jobs or why American companies are firing their American employees and hiring aliens. Their first mission is to stop the bleeding of American jobs going overseas. The second mission is to bring many lost jobs back to America.

America should also facilitate the deportation of millions of illegal aliens and H1B visa aliens and the arrest of employers of illegal aliens and H1B aliens. We all know that Washington flooded (unfairly increased the supply of workers) in America with these people to lower previous wage and benefit standards of Americans that worked those jobs. American citizens have been displaced by these people. All of our Washington elected leaders castrated American labor. American families suffered. All Washington elected officials betrayed American working class families.

Even the three leading presidential canidates are perpetuating the betrayal by not speaking up to seal the border with Mexico, to facilatate the deportation of illegal aliens and H1B's, and to arrest the employers of illegal aliens.

So far we have had 7 years of Chinamart legislation from the Bush administration and Congress, with more to come from McCain, Hillary, and Barack. We do not need America for Mexico and China, we need America for legal Americans. We do not need Bush policies to continue for another 4 or 8 years. We do not need sanctuary cities or states for illegal aliens which in fact are breaking the law and the mayors and governors should be arrested. There are laws that our Washington elected officials promised to obey with their oaths of office that they failed to obey and should be prosecuted.

America has been Bush-wacked by Bush and he is leaving American labor for dead. It looks like
Hillary, McCain, and Obama are going to continue his policies facilitating the loss of more American jobs in America to Americans. It is unconsciable that they betray Americans.

America needs to write to Bush, Hillary, McCain, and Obama to let them know what we think of them. We need to pray that someone we can vote for pops up before election day so that we can vote and elect him or her.

China, India, the Arabs, and other alien groups already lobby Washington and have wide spheres of influence with our fearless leaders in Washington. They are buying up America not piece by piece but in wholesale quantities. Many of us have had alien landlords and employers, but it has been the exception until now. American banks are being purchased due to the mortgage crises. Foreign influence will be the norm soon if not addressed today. All of our grandchildren may be speaking Spanish, and working in America if they are lucky with companies with foreign ownership, and renting from aliens also. The aliens already have one leg into the American drivers seat and it will not take much time before they are fully seated unless america gets its act together.