Sunday, December 02, 2007

PSE&G Environmental Scorecard

PSE&G Environmental Scorecard of July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007 leaves a lot to be desired or a lot of room for improvement. I am a customer of PSE&G and received this information as an insert with my electric bill a couple of days ago.

The two easiest measures to explain that they failed were air emissions and energy conservation. They failed on air emissions of CO2, NOx, and SO2. They also avoided through conservation measures zero KWH generation and zero tons in air emissions of the above gases.

They also produce zero generation of renewable energy by using fuel cells, geothermal, solar, and wood or other biomass. I do not know whether they have maximized their generation of renewable energy through captured methane gas, hydro electric (small), solid waste, or wind but there is probably some room for improvement.

PSE&G provides most of its electricity from nuclear, coal, gas, oil, hydroelectric (large) in that order. If we want to give PSE&G an attaboy it is on the production of electricity from oil which is probably foreign based but it only produces 3.8% of the electricity for its customers. Ideally that 3.8% number should be reduced annually and become zero within 10 years. PSE&G should also be applauded on producing 39.1% of their electric from coal, a domestic sourced fuel especially if they are not polluting the environment and not contributing to global warming.

We received some of the fallout from the nearby nuclear accident at Three Mile Island in Pennsylvania and I do not think that the PSE&G reactors are much newer or improved that theirs. PSE&G should reduce their dependence on nuclear generation over time also.

Governor Corzine, the Trenton elected leaders, the PSE&G executives and their Board of directors should step it up on enabling PSE&G to become much greener, less dependant of foreign sourced fuels, and low priced for their many customers. Grading these people, if I was generous could be no higher than a D minus for their efforts of lack of efforts, but realistically they all deserve an F.