Saturday, May 31, 2008

Open Letter to Linda Stender, Running for Congress to Represent New Jersey's 7th District

Open Letter to Linda Stender, Running for Congress to Represent New Jersey's 7th District

You can reach Linda Stender at her website at

Dear Linda, May 31, 2008

What are your positions on official English legislation, securing the Mexican border, securing America by rounding up illegal aliens and prosecuting employers of illegal aliens?

Right now Americans are being taxed without representation to support the social expenses of the illegal aliens which is unfair to legal citizens.

Do you support 2 societies in America, one English and the other Spanish? Already many jobs are for Spanish speakers only in America. The illegal aliens are scabs taking away jobs from legal citizens by accepting reduced wages and benefits. Union County lost 2 hospitals already Union Hospital and Muhlenberg because of underfunding of indigent illegal alien patients and legal indigents are denied health services at the clinics because they are full of illegal aliens. Our towns are heavily burdened with educational costs of the children of illegal aliens. How many millions of dollars in New Jersey state education aid has your hometown of Scotch Plains forfeited to the "poorer districts".

A lot of lipservice has been made on securing the Mexican border but little has been accomplished. America welcomes millions of legal aliens to America. America cannot afford unscreened mostly illiterate and sometimes sick or criminal aliens or the illegal drugs crossing the border illegally.

It has been socially correct for our police not to ask whether or not someone is an illegal alien or not, but those days are behind us in America. The illegal aliens break the law just by crossing the border and there are laws to prosecute employers of illegal aliens.

Only the slave employers benefit from employing the illegal aliens at low wages and they place the full social burden of health and education expense of the illegal aliens on the middle class. Legal citizens struggle to make ends meet and they suffer further paying social expenses of the illegal aliens.

I am not going to send anyone to Washington that does not stand up as an American, just like our parents and grandparents. They joined American society by learning English and obeying the laws. Somethings are very wrong in America and now is the time to stop them before they get out of hand.