Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The First 50 Reasons Why You Are Not A Republican

The First 50 Reasons Why You Are Not A Republican

Most people try to live the ideal that they are independent of government. They believe that if you obtain a good education and work hard, the rest of your life for you and your family would be rosy. They believe anytime they ask anything from government that they would be asking for charity. They believe that anyone on charity is disabled, did not work hard enough, was wild with their spending when they had any money, did not work to improve themselves over the years, and probably suffered from drugs or alcohol abuse. Many saw their parents and grandparents successful enough not to ask for “charity”. When one is young, they think they are invincible and will be outstandingly successful. They believe in small federal government and that most things should be decided and paid for by each state. They believe in the free market and no regulation.

Many people vote Republican, mistakenly, because they were brought up by their parents to think that were Republicans. They believe that their success was all up to themselves and if they failed it was a problem they brought up on their own. They were taught that they could not ask government for any assistance and would have a lot of anguish if they ever had to apply for any safety net programs.

Below is a list of reasons why you are not a Republican and should vote Democratic. Many people will see themselves and if they thought about it would vote Democratic.

1. You or any loved ones depend on Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Unemployment, any aid for children, Wick, Disability Insurance, or any other safety net program.
2. You lost your job because it was sent offshore.
3. You lost your job in America because your employer hired an alien temporary worker (H1B) to replace you.
4. You lost your job to an illegal alien.
5. You work in a two-tier salary environment for the same job.
6. You had to go through bankruptcy because of medical bills
7. You had to accept a pay cut doing the same job.
8. You spent more than 6 months looking for another job and could not find one.
9. You had to relocate to another part of America to find work.
10.You did not have medical insurance for even one day or more.
11.If you are working, anyone on the executive staff earns 40 times or more times your salary.
12.You lost your job because you became older and could not perform the work as a 20 year old anymore.
13.You do not have a guaranteed pension from your employer that is solvent.
14.You do not have employer paid health insurance.
15.Your health plan does not cover prescriptions or if it does, you are charged more than 25% copay.
16. You were denied any job in America that you were qualified because you did not speak a language other than English.
17.You know you will never see a pay raise unless the minimum wage is raised.
18.You are a member of the working poor.
19.You have more than $20,000 in education loans.
20.You had to wait more than a week for any service at the Veterans Hospital or you are a Veteran and were refused service.
21.You had to pay any penalty of more than $25 to any phone or cable company or bank..
22.You were stiffed by any employer of more than $100.
23. You currently pay for health insurance but do not think you will be able to afford it much longer.
24.You are a doctor of some sort and more and more of your patients lose their health insurance or have much difficulty paying deductibles, copays, your fee, or necessary prescriptions.
25.You had a small business or farm but could not compete with imports.
26.You or family members were injured by illegal aliens or drug dealers.
27.Your town is going bust because there are too many cheap paying jobs and not enough good paying jobs to support higher paying teacher, police, and fireman jobs
28.You lost your industry and are too old to be retrained.
29.You were warehoused during primary or secondary school and did not learn anything. You spent most of your time in school watching TV or movies. You dropped out of high school when you were of age.
30.You were homeless even for one day.
31.You were denied service at any hospital emergency room.
32.You had to travel more than 5 miles to obtain an in network provider from your health plan.
33.You had any loved one losing their home due to medical bills.
34.You had any loved one on a waiting list for public services.
35.You are downsizing your home because you can no longer afford the one you are living in currently.
36.You recently wear a sweater or coat at home during the winter because of the high price to heat your home.
37.You are being thriftier at the supermarket buying sale items and using coupons more diligently than ever.
38.You are eating out and going to the movies less frequently.
39.You shop more at discount stores.
40.You feel you are squeezed by local, state, and federal taxes.
41.You were fired from any job shortly before you would have been vested with retirement benefits.
42.You have not had a vacation in years other than staying home.
43.You had to spend down your 401k just to pay bills before you retired.
44.You had to support your parents or your children after they became adults.
45.Recently you neglected maintenance on your home because you could not afford the expense.
46.You hope to relocate to a less expensive state because your state is so expensive to live in.
47.Now you wish you worked for government because they pay better, have better benefits, and job security.
48.You delay making appointments to the doctor, dentist, barber, beauty salon and other places to save money.
49.You gave up a pet because you could no longer afford to take care of it.
50.Your life became progressively worse since Bush became president almost eight years ago.