Friday, April 11, 2008

Dick Cheney , the Modern Age Scrooge

Dick Cheney , the Modern Age Scrooge

President Bush and Vice President Cheney reported their federal income taxes for 2007 recently. Basically Bush reported almost 1 million dollars in income and Cheney reported more than 3 million dollars in adjusted gross income. This is the income left over after deductions and exemptions.

The Bush's donated almost 18% of their AGI to charities including churches, the Crawford Fire Department, and Mrs Bush donated all of the net proceeds of her book to charity also.

The Cheney's donated almost 5.5% of their AGI to charity. There was no explanation of which charities the Cheney's donated .

I find it interesting that the Cheneys with more than 3 times the AGI of the Bush's, donate less than 1/3 the rate of the Bush's. And it seems that it is top secret which charities the Cheney's donated to. I can only think most were for right wing neocon causes.

At Kean University this past Christmas season, we saw modified Christmas Carol play where Scrooge was a woman and the time was changed to contemporary time. It was terrific, enjoyable, funny and I recommended it to others.

Someone should modify "A Christmas Carol" again making Cheney the main character Scrooge.

There are a lot more Americans suffering with hunger and decent medical health plans. Most Americans have problems paying for groceries, transportation, drugs, housing, and other expenses. Salaries and benefits have declined for most low and middle income citizens. Most Americans fear losing their jobs.

You never see the Cheney's at a food bank or serving charity meals. You do not see any empathy from them about people losing their homes due to bankruptcy or any other severe consequence to America's low and middle classes.

Cheney wants low and middle class Americans to volunteer to be in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan and does not want to give back to them.

Yes, Cheney would be a great character study as Scrooge in a modified "A Christmas Carol" play,
but I think he is personally beyond help from the ghosts.