Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You Usually Get What You Ask For

You Usually Get What You Ask For

I cut out the duration of watching the NBC business channel with the Wall Street tickers and commentators from several hours each day to maybe one hour per day. And I stopped watching CNN's Lou Dobbs. All I know is that I feel better about everything. Maybe ignorance is bliss, but I think it may be a little more than that.

One of the commentators on the NBC business channel made an observation that without all of the comments, the air time would be reduced from about 8 hours during the business day to about an hour each day. The channel programming shortly before the opening, during the open day of the New York Stock Exchange, and shortly after the close is about 90% comment and mostly Republican biased comments also.

America will pay a penalty for all of the Republican biased opinion because some of an economic recovery is based on perception that things will get better. The NBC show is overwhelmingly down at the mouth that the recent stimulus plan will do no good. The show is gloom and doom about everything the Obama administration is trying to do. Obama's staff and plans are no good for the economy is spouted hourly.

Larry Kudlow is a forceful speaker and he bellows his complaints about the Democrats. One wonders whether he flies above his desk before he pukes his negative accusations daily about the Democrats. Larry may be a nice man off camera but on camera he is a leading cause of depression in America. And he is not the only one.

Lou Dobbs is a host on CNN where he is very opinionated also. During the elections, I enjoyed his show, but since then lost me. One of the Lou Dobbs causes is to free the 2 Border Agents sentenced to prison I still agree with, but most of his current issues I disagree with. The casinos in Las Vegas should have daily lotteries on how many "what in the world...", sighs, and tsk, tsk , tsk's he does each show. I cannot take that indignation on his show anymore.

If NBC and CNN want to continue to go down the road of wild opinions, yelling and screaming, insults, and similar paths they should hire Vince McMahon chairman of the WWE, the expert. Then it would be real entertainment with wild clothes and makeup. Maybe they would hit each other with chairs. Maybe they would body slam each other.

But I like my news pretty vanilla without most prejudice and occasionally I like the WWE with all of its expected fanfare. I do not want my news to continue with WWE type fanfare and bravado.

NBC and CNN should lend some support for Obama and his cabinet. The should look for the good news rather than the scandals. At least give him a break during his first 100 days in office or even a year or two in office, before crucifying him and his programs. Most people cannot take a steady diet of bad mouthing and saying there is no hope because the stimulus package will not work.

Economics is mental. If people think the economy is good they will spend, loan, invest, hire and everything else positive and it does become self fulfilling prophesy, but if everyone is told the opposite, it will take much longer for the economy to become better and that becomes the prophesy fulfilled.