Monday, March 05, 2007

Hillary Clinton, Fuggetaboutit

Hillary Clinton, Fuggetaboutit (Forget about it)

We all know that Hillary Clinton, Senator of New York and wife of ex-President William Jefferson Clinton, is the leading Democratic candidate for President. But I cannot vote for her and let me tell you why.

1. Hillary Clinton supports illegal aliens and wants to provide them with an easy path to American citizenship. She also does not care to protect our southern border with Mexico where most illegal aliens come from. America lost enough jobs to illegal aliens and the extraordinary supply of them has forced the wage and benefits to go down for those American citizens lucky to have a job. Aliens do not vote but American citizens do. She must wise up to the fact that she cannot turn her back on American citizens. Most American voters think Hillary Clinton is going to screw them by supporting the illegal aliens.

2. Hillary Clinton supports H1B and other immigration of aliens that replace American citizens on the job in America. America has citizens that are available and able and willing to do those jobs.

3. Hillary Clinton must be applauded for trying to obtain a national health program in America when her husband was in office, but she failed. What secret does she have that she can now be successful with a national health plan if she becomes President.

4. We already had the Hillary and Bill show in the White House for 8 years and I don't think it will play any better another time around. Hillary and Bill were abused by the Republicans and the Press and I think the abuse will be louder if there is another Clinton in the White House. We watched impeachment proceedings against President Bill Clinton, however wrong I thought it was at the time. The only thing Clinton in the White House that would be special would be their child, Chelsea Clinton's wedding there, possibly.

5. Hillary Clinton cannot win unless there is really a despicable character that becomes the Republican candidate for President. Hillary Clinton is too stupid to realize that if she gained the support of the millions of middle class workers who have been fired because their jobs were outsourced overseas or they were replaced by H1B or E3 immigrants. She can win support of all workers suffering under unfair wages if she supported raising the Federal minimum wage to about $10 which would leave those people at the same purchasing power today of those at minimum wage during the 1960's. She would gain million of supporters if she sponsored an energy program that would get America off of foreign oil by promoting energy efficient appliances, eliminating incandescent lights like they have in Australia, improving the energy efficiency of cars in America overall, facilitating wind generation of electricity, and promoting "Green" homes. By reducing the cost of college tuition she would be in everyones mind. Remember, college is competitive in many countries but it is free or nearly free there. and obscenely costly here. It is a sin that American consumers pay a premium for drugs and other health care compared to the rest of the world.

Basically, Hillary Clinton does not say what I want to hear. She has no vision for American citizens. She does not talk to those that really want to hear about improvement in energy, health care, and college costs and good paying jobs in America for American citizens.

6. Hillary Clinton does not support making English the national language of America. Hillary Clinton still supports her husband's Presidential Executive Order 13166 , sets forth the compliance standards that recipients of Federal financial assistance must follow to ensure that their programs and activities normally provided in English are accessible to LEP persons and thus do not discriminate on the basis of national origin in violation of Title VI's prohibition against national origin discrimination. EO 13166 costs billions of dollars and promotes second societies in America ,which are wrong, such as a second society in America that speaks only Spanish. America had a second society called slavery and it took hundreds of years to correct it.

7. Hillary and Bill Clinton would be excellent in supporting roles for a visionary Democrat running for President. They were the last Democrats to win the Presidential election. Their unrestricted support would be unbeatable in the next Presidential election.

Hillary might make an outstanding Vice President, but she would be a better Secretary of Labor, Health, Education, or Energy. She could be the best Secretary, America ever had. America needs such improvements in these areas, that the challenges are there for her to improve things. Even being a Senator can be a terrific pulpit to bring attention to things that need doing and to get them done.

Bill Clinton is still popular in America and the world. He has accomplished a lot already but has a lot of opportunity available for him to accomplish more.

8. Hillary Clinton cannot be avoided in future history books already and still has many years of accomplishments to make, but she does not need to become President. I think it would be a mistake for her to try.