Thursday, October 23, 2008

Not even Republicans have nice things to say about John McCain

Not even Republicans have nice things to say about John McCain

Read the article...It is an eye opener.

Sarah Palin spent other people's money more than $150,000 on wardrobe.

Others are upset at the negative tone of the campaign.

But all point to concerns about Mr McCain’s allegedly impulsive temperament.

Staunch Republican commentators, such as Charles Krauthammer and David Brooks, have come close to endorsing Mr McCain’s rival by citing Mr Obama’s “first-class temperament”

They cite fellow PoWs, such as Phillip Butler, who was also a colleague of Mr McCain at the Naval Academy. “Having been a PoW is no special qualification for being president of the US,” Mr Butler wrote this year. “I can verify that John has a quick and explosive temper that many have experienced first-hand. Folks, quite honestly that is not the finger I want next to that red button.”

They say that the candidate’s decision to go against his instincts and embrace the social conservative base of the Republican party has created an internal conflict that makes him irritable, impatient and less effective

Then there are the “realist” Republicans who worry that Mr McCain has been captured by neoconservative advisers

Foreign policy was a key reason why Colin Powell, the former secretary of state, chose to endorse Mr Obama on Sunday.

“John tends to see the world emotionally through characters he knows. And once he has decided who the good guys are and the bad guys are, then facts and context won’t affect him.”

“Obama not only has a first-class temperament but he also has a first-class intellect. There is no doubt that John is very bright but you know Obama writes his own books. John gets his books written for him [by Mark Salter, his closest aide].”

Detractors accuse Mr McCain of dividing America. But the most acute cultural divide his campaign is exposing is within the Republican party itself.

The above was quoted from the article.
I could not have said it better, myself.