Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Lament For Only Half Of America's Workers Displaced

Lament For Only Half Of America's Workers Displaced

During the Democratic Convention last week there were many speeches lamenting the loss of millions of American manufacturing jobs that went overseas and the hardship for those workers trying to continue to make a living and the problems caused when overall income drops for those communities and states affected by the plant closings. The noticeable tag line with those comments were not to get any of those jobs back or to halt the drastic off-shoring of American jobs, but to create 5 million new jobs in the alternative energy field.

The only concession admitted was to reverse the rewards to employers that offshore jobs.

Nobody lamented for the millions of Americans that were fired and replaced by illegal aliens at lower wages and benefits. It is pretty rude to be fired and see that your job still exists but instead of you performing it it is being accomplished by an illegal alien. The most publicized events were in the meat packing industry where employers paid illegal about half of the going wages and benefits they paid Americans doing the same job. The cruelty was to the hard working Americans that were left jobless and their families, and having to start their lives over. Most Americans have no pity for the illegal aliens since they were and are illegal and should not be in America.

Nobody lamented for the hundreds of thousands of American citizens replaced on the job by H1B temporary worker aliens brought in when Americans are not available to perform the work. Americans are qualified, available and willing to do the work making the H1B Visa holders unnecessary in America. The H1B program turned the information technology, engineering, and other jobs in America on its head. Many Americans were forced to train their H1B alien replacements or be fired and lose any severance pay. How would you like to be unemployed and know that some H1B alien is doing your job where you used to work? How would you like to try to support your family while starting over? People, these jobs are in America and nobody is protecting the American worker in America for these jobs. Even if you train for a job that can only be accomplished in America, they are bringing in and can bring in more H1B's and replace Americans.

It is a farce to say train for a job that can only be accomplished in America. There are H1B and other visa types where Americans on the job can be replaced with aliens on the job right here in America.

Your elected representatives know the score because they have been told by people like me and others. But they really need to get an earful and an eyeful with emphasis if millions of Americans start writing snail mail and emailing and demonstrating peacefully to their elected officials. It is time the timid media documents the facts also. Less opinion and more hard news is necessary.

America should step up and do the following:
1. Empower all Law and Order officers to arrest illegal aliens for deportation and their employers and landlords for violations of immigration law. The laws exist, but are seldom enforced.
2. Bring back the Army back from Iraq and let them protect the border with Mexico.
3. End the H1B visa program and send all H1B visa holders in America back to their home countries.
4. Establish a fair trade policy where we do not have the free wheel loss of industry and jobs overseas. Moderation is good. Wholesale slaughter of American industry and jobs is bad.