Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Red, White, & Blue Products & Stores

Red, White, & Blue Products & Stores

The Bush administration, the Republicans, the other free market advocates came so close to destroying the American and World economies.

They did it by beating up on the American working class. They lowered wages and benefits of American labor. They eliminated or reduced past protections of American labor such as OSHA, EEOC, FDA inspections, and many other things. They greased the tracks to outsource tens of millions of American jobs overseas. They protected tens of millions illegal aliens to work in America by forcing illegal alien law in existence to be ignored. They forced the American middle class to pay billions of dollars for the education and health care of tens of millions illegal aliens and their families, they allowed a million Americans to be fired and replaced by H1B alien "temporary workers", they allowed billions of dollars of dumped merchandise into America, and they just allowed all foreign goods into America while not determining whether or not it was good for America overall.

America should look for American goods and services to help rebuild America. It is difficult to find American goods but at least we should all make an effort. If any of us are buyers of goods and services for business you ahould select American ones first. We should all lobby our President and Congress and our local and state leaders to buy American first.

We should also examine the stores and businesses we make purchases from. How much of there stuff is imported? Almost all of the big highway store merchandise is imported. Ask where something you want to purchase is built or grown. Ask the sales person if there is anything available made in America. Tell the store manager that you are interested primarily in American products. Write to the corporation telling them you want American made merchandise.

Merchandise should have red, white, and blue labels on it to specify that it is 100% American. Stores and other businesses should also have red, white, and blue labels to shouw they are 100% American.

America does not want "American" cars that are ony 80% made in America, they want 100% American. Let your elected officials know that. If we build a high speed railroad, lets get all of the cars, engines, tracks, switches, and other goods from American companies that will produce them in America using American workers.

Your electric, water, and gas company is funded by local funds that all should be spent locally. Many are programmed by aliens. Shouldn't they use local American banks? Some buy foreign vehicles. Shouldn't their engineers be American? Contact your elected officials.

Same thing with the banks, brokers, and insurance companies Americans and our governments use. Shouldn't they use Americans to perform the work instead of aliens?

American consumers and our American government should clearly spend their money where it is good for America.

If you want to find brand new infrastructure and full employment go to China and South Korea where American bad corporations outsourced. Not only did we lose the jobs but the funding for new roads, highways, utilities, schools, airports,and housing.

Lets be real about imports. Fair trade is better for America than free trade. Lets protect American business by preventing dumping. Lets evaluate the impact to existing American business whether or not something should be approved for importation to American. How fair are our trading partners to America...have they allowed our goods into their country without hassle?

We are not going to be able to bring back employment without being selfish maintaining jobs in America and maybe even bringing some of them back to America. We must also support new American businesses. We should seek fair trade with our partners.