Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Traitor Company ITT Gets Away With Fine

Traitor Company ITT Gets Away With Fine

ITT to pay up to $100 mln illegal export penalty

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - ITT Corp. has agreed to plead guilty and pay a penalty of up to $100 million for illegally exporting night-vision goggles to China, Singapore and the United Kingdom in 2001, the U.S. Justice Department said on Tuesday.
It said ITT had agreed to plead guilty to one count of exporting the equipment without first obtaining a license or written authorization from the State Department.

The company also will plead guilty to one count of leaving out material facts from required reports on arms exports between 2000 and 2004, making the reports misleading, the department said.


In the Alice in Wonderland moment of the United States where it is ok to be a traitor and get away with it , namely outing a CIA operator, Valerie Flame, it seems it is ok to slap traitor corporations on the wrist with just a penalty...and a small penalty at that. With this lesson other corporations can violate the law and suffer minor financial penalties only.

I'm no lawyer, but we have all heard that traitorous crimes are punishable by death. Being a traitor is a terrible thing. No loyal American should ever think about being a traitor.

ITT is a corporation and a legal entity, so it can be charged with a crime and suffer consequences. But human executives made the decisions to approve the order, manufacture the items subject to obtaining a license or written authorization from the State Department, establishing the logistics to ship the items, obtain payment, lie on reports to the government between 2000 and 2004 and other human led processes to make it happen. I think that probably a dozen executives at ITT should be hauled to court and tried for the crimes.

The U. S. Justice Department only charged them with one crime but should have probably charged them with dozens. "ITT's exportation of this sensitive technology to China and other nations jeopardized our national security and the safety of our military men and women on the battlefield," Assistant Attorney General Kenneth Wainstein said in a statement.

Stockholders and the Securities and Exchange Commission should examine the senior executives and the Board of Directors of ITT for further crimes and violations. At a minimum, all executives at the President level and above should be fired whether they knew about it or not, just because it happened on their watch. I do not have any faith in the Board of directors of ITT either and think they should all be replaced.

There was no mention of bribes to ITT officials from foreign governments or agents, or whether or not any spies against the United States were involved. There was no mention in the article whether ITT benefited additionally from the direct sale of the merchandise.

I suppose the heads of ITT are great friends with President Bush and Vice President Chaney and many members of congress. They admire treason. It would be wonderful to see pictures of these self admiration people together.

Read the article. Even the payments of the fine are fishy. They are spread over too many years and half of it $50 million can be paid as a fine or invested in technology to research improvements for the night vision goggles at ITT's choice. What a stink.

ITT should lose all future federal, state, and local contracts, especially top secret contracts for at least a decade, for their crimes. If Congress had any guts, they would have a bill forbidding any new contracts with ITT for any work for a decade. Write to your Senators and Representative and express your feelings about ITT Senior Executives and Board.

What a wonderful country America is. If this happened in many other countries, many executives and members of the board of directors would have already been lined up on a wall and shot.