Thursday, September 27, 2007

Almost Missed theThird Democratic Presidential Debate

Yesterday we had the third Democratic debate for the American Presidency If I had not been surfing the TV channels, I would have missed it altogether. I guess we have to make notes to ourselves when each debate will occur and what network will carry it so that we watch and listen to what the contenders say. There are three more debates coming up on October 30, November 15, and finally December 10 for the democrats.

Below is the schedule of debates for the Democrats:

July 23, 2007 - YouTube/Google and CNN in Charleston, South Carolina
August 19, 2007 - ABC in Des Moines, Iowa
September 26, 2007 - NBC News/MSNBC in Hanover, New Hampshire
October 30, 2007 - NBC News/MSNBC in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
November 15, 2007 - CNN in Las Vegas, Nevada
December 10, 2007 - CBS in Los Angeles, California

We should also look up the schedule of debates for the Republican contenders. There are many debates scheduled but not all candidates have committed to each of them. There is supposed to be a debate tonight on PBS but it is unknown how many of the candidates will attend.

Below is the Republican schedule of debates:

3.7 September 27, 2007 - Baltimore, Maryland
3.8 October 9, 2007 - Dearborn, Michigan
3.9 October 21, 2007 - Orlando, Florida
3.10 November 6, 2007 - Ames, Iowa
3.11 November 28, 2007 - St. Petersburg, Florida
3.12 January 5, 2008 - Johnston, Iowa
3.13 January 10, 2008 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
3.14 January 30, 2008 - Los Angeles, California

Yesterday, I found that most of the Democrats favored the illegal aliens but are still talking about protecting the border and punishing employers of illegal aliens. Even though America has immigration laws on the books but are not enforced by the Executive Branch, most also seem to want to rewrite it. They also seem to be very favorable about H1B's that I also disagree with. One candidate said that we should welcome all immigrants with no limits. I find that reckless. I find the overall direction of the Democrats with the illegal alien problem, border protection, H1B visas, and overseas outsourcing of American jobs to be a deal breaker with me as a voter.

Most people I know have been fired at least once because their job went to an alien in America or overseas. Some people have lost their jobs twice and even others have lost their jobs more times than that. America can lose 40 million more current American jobs within the decade if nothing is done to counteract it. I find it curious that Republicans praise American job growth since Bush became President since most of the job growth is to low wage and low benefit jobs instead of to good paying jobs. We now have the Walmart economy.

I am also confused with the Democratic Presidential candidates approach to ending the war in Iraq and sending the American troops home. I thought the American voter gave them a mandate to do that during the election that gave the Democrats majorities in the House and Senate. They seem to be backpedaling. I find this reprehensible.

The Republican candidates all seem very hawkish and act like neocons. It seems the republicans want the war in Iraq to continue and they even want to expand it to Iran. It was sick to go to Iraq in the first place. It is sicker even more so to remain there. The republicans lost me on the Iraq and Iran issues. The Iraq War has been going on longer than World War II; there has already been enough time for a successful outcome if one was going to present itself.

American citizens must watch future debates and listen to what the candidates are saying. We must make intelligent choices for President. We should send them emails to tell them what we agree with them and our differences.