Saturday, December 01, 2007

something wrong with this picture

something wrong with this picture

The latest Republican debate was a fraud. The biggest issues for the election are the war in Iraq, the economy, healthcare, and energy. We were treated to a debate on lesser issues. While the debate was said to reflect issues from rank and file citizens who put their questions on the youtube website, CNN selected the questions posed and in fact focused on immigration where there are little differences among the candidates.

In addition to the major concerns of most Americans expressed above the American public is dissatisfied with the Bush administration, but all of the canidates except Ron Paul support and promise to continue the Bush agenda including strong-man president, torture (now at the street level with the taser), massive warrantless spying, constant wars, suspension of habeas corpus and other things. It is so distasteful and dumb.

Peace, good paying jobs in America, better access and funding to health care, making energy affordable, minimizing outsourcing of American jobs overseas and to aliens imported into America by programs like the H1B program, affordable and quality education, and many other things have slipped from lower and middle class American citizens during the Bush Administration and will slip further with the existing crop of republican candidates.

It is funny that they all do not flatter George Bush but rattle the chains in respect for Ronald Regan who established the foundation for Amnesty for illegal aliens, and other programs existing of the current president.

The current Republican presidential hopefuls seem to be sharper and more skillful than George Bush which will make their future administrations even more hard to take. If you do not like some of the actions of this President you will hate the actions of the hopefuls.