Monday, August 10, 2009

Pay Now for Illegal Alien Problem or Pay a Lot More Later

There is a flood of millions of illegal aliens in America and our police do nothing to capture them, their employers, their landlords, or their sanctuary granting elected officials. The tens of thousands of alien H1B visa holders are supposed to fill jobs in America with qualified aliens in America when there are no Americans available to perform the work. With unemployment reaching 10% and adding an additional 10% Americans that gave up looking for work or are grossly unemployed and everyone would say there is no need for H1B visa holders in America now. H1B visa holders are illegal aliens in my book.

Millions of American citizens would have the opportunity for jobs when the illegal aliens are sent back to their home countries. Employers cut wages and benefits when they replaced citizens with illegals and now can increase those salaries and benefits to attract American citizens.

America's cities, counties, and states are going broke paying for the needs of the illegal aliens in the areas of health care and education. Each million illegal aliens sent back to their home countries would free billions of dollars in our towns, counties, states, and federal government. States known as high tax states would automatically become moderate tax states when illegal aliens are returned to their home countries.

It is unconscionable that legal American citizens compete for social services with the illegal aliens because that is the system today. Many American citizens lose out in benefits because illegal aliens got there first and there are no more available slots. Some clinics say there is no hope for future services to anyone because the resources are tied up with current client for the long term.
Two hospitals out of four in my county were closed in the past 2 years because they could not overcome the low funding of charity care patient mostly illegal aliens. When your American citizen relatives and friends are wait-listed for services because of illegal aliens it is time to make changes.

American citizens paid for my American education and it is fair that I help pay for the American education for the next generation of American citizens. It is unfair for me to be taxed to pay for the annual tuition of the children of illegal aliens.

There is a Spanish only speaking society being built in America. I suspect a dozen Spanish channels on my cable TV system that are a waste of my time. There are tens of thousands of jobs in America are for Spanish only speakers and English only speakers need not apply. There are an estimated 24.5 million people in America that cannot speak English. We know where the morning day labor street is in almost all communities in America. We see the illegal aliens almost everywhere we go. We see the landscaping and construction crews. We see the office and department store cleaning crews. We see the busboys in our restaurants. We see the crews at the fast food restaurants.

And the problem is getting bigger.

Most of our ancestors were immigrants and they learned English quickly and sought citizenship rapidly which is different from the recent Spanish immigrants and their radical organizations that want to build a separate Spanish speaking society in America. They want the benefits of citizenship without learning English and our government since Reagan has supported them.

President Reagan granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens and it was promised that that was the last time. Now it appears that President Obama is seeking some form of amnesty for millions of illegal aliens also, which is wrong. More and more Hispanics are being elected into public office with their radical Hispanic agendas. Now we recently have a Hispanic Supreme Court Associate Justice that belongs to radical Hispanic organizations. It is only a matter of time before she spouts some Spanish in public and additionally votes for her first of many radical Hispanic issues. Instead of impressing us as a good American citizen she will flaunt being Spanish instead.

American citizens are sick and tired of losing good jobs to illegal aliens and H1B's and want the jobs back. They are sick and tired of paying the bill of educating millions of children of illegal aliens in America. Americans are sick and tired of paying for the health care of illegal aliens and H1B's. American citizens are sick and tired of the Spanish society being built in America and want English-only measures enacted. American citizens are angry that our officials will not enforce the immigration laws on the books...the laws exist and do not need to be rewritten. American citizens are angry that the Mexican border remains very porous and illegal aliens and drug dealers can cross it for the most part at will.

We know that President Obama is working on a new immigration plan, but everyone knows the status quo and fear the additional issues he will spring on us soon and can only imagine what extra costs will be placed on us the American citizens.

The entire farce has gone on long enough. It is time to fight back. Write to all of your elected officials and tell them the bullshit is over. Ask them whether they support American citizens or the illegal aliens. Ask them whether they want to provide tax relief to American citizens. Ask them whether they want to employ millions of Americans within a short amount of time. Ask them whether they want to diminish American society by supporting the Spanish speaking society.