Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain Voted Against Minimum Wage Increases 17 or Maybe 19 Times

McCain Voted Against Minimum Wage Increases 17 or Maybe 19 Times (Read the article)

Most American people know their wages are at minimum wage or linked to it. A full time worker at minimum wage is below the poverty line. The current minimum wage is more than three dollars below where it should be so that people at minimum wage today can buy the same goods as someone on minimum wage in the 1960's (not counting the latest obscene hikes in food and energy).

Senator John McCain currently running for President of the United States has voted against minimum wage at least 17 times and as many as 19 times recently. What does this say to American labor? What does this say about the man who has all the money in the world more than $100 million dollars and an annual income in excess of $4 million dollars with his wife Queen Cindy who cannot come to grips voting to allow poor wage earners a little more money?

If that is the way they run their Budweiser beer distributorship, waiting years for pay increases, I do not think I want to work for them at all. With 8 homes, many cars, and a personal jet I do not even want to be a family employee of theirs. I would not even be surprised that they treat their business and home employees harshly.

Senator John McCain and President Bush already lost tens of millions American jobs overseas due to outsourcing, lost millions of jobs of American citizens to illegal aliens working freely in America, and lost another million jobs by allowing aliens to work in America replacing Americans on the job do not have any good feelings for the American middle class and there is nothing to expect differently if John McCain is elected President.

The McCain slogan of "change" is to continue and rapidly expand all of the George Bush failed policies. Change means you haven't seen nothing yet with the Bush policies that McCain is going to expand rapidly and much further than now.

If you are hurting because of George Bush today, you will really be in pain and agony with John McCain and you may not be able to survive.