Friday, March 14, 2008

Washington Drenched in Egg

Washington Drenched in Egg

Today the White House, the Senate, and the House were drenched in egg, as usual, on a continuous daily basis for the past nine years. Today's event was triggered by the near failure of a major brokerage house and its bailout by the Fed and JP Morgan Chase Bank. As usual the Fed Chairman gave a speech causing the Dow to drop another 100 points for the day which is normal every time he speaks.

There have been so many eggs broken covering so many elected officials over the years that there is a rotten egg stench in Washington. It is really bad inside Washington DC proper but you can smell it on the beltway around the city, too.

There is a new phenomenon going on because many of the elected officials are really bad eggs to begin with that they are becoming rotten eggs.

Most of us have cracked eggs at one time or another and we know what to do with rotten eggs. You throw them away. So they do not stink up our own homes we bag them and carry them right out to the garbage can and make sure the cover is back on tightly.

One would think that there would be oversight on the banking industry. One would think there would be laws regulating banks. One would think usury laws would exist so that the interest rates, fees, and penalties would be low enough to discourage the muggings of American citizens with gangster loan rates. One would think the bankers would be prudent on their own.

Just like the S & L Scandal, these guys and gals that created liquidity problems and asset valuation problem with the mortgages, turning world economies into decline, will not be punished for their deeds. They will probably not be fired. They will probably all be given payment increases. It really does not make sense to me.

I need a clothespin to prevent the stench from reaching inside my nose. I think America has to make a trip to the garbage can to get rid of those with egg on their faces as well as the thoroughly rotten eggs by voting them all out of office. What do you think?