Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Giant Sucking Sounds

The Giant Sucking Sounds

The giant sucking sounds in the American economy are energy, local taxes, and high food costs on American low and middle class citizens who have been cheated on their fair share of the national income during the President Bush administration. And the strangeness is the reliance on consumer spending to keep the American economy alive and growing. How does the low and middle class American consumers spend when each is running out of money each payday?

The one time tax rebate is not enough to liven up the economy. You see this keeps the status quo of low American wages. Whatever buying stimulus it brings about will only dissipate as the money is spent, used to pay off debt, or saved. What about three months later? What about next year?

The latest increase in minimum wage was short measure to those at the lower pay spectrum. By now minimum wage should be at least $10 per hour to equal the purchasing power of minimum wage during the 1960's.

Increasing the food stamp benefits in America was taken off of the table during negotiations in the House, but should be revisitted because there are too many hungry in America and the program would allow relief to others with limitted income. We all know food staples have surged in price during the past few years. Milk, produce, bread, coffee, sugar, and many other foods have sky rocketted in price. Fifty dollars today buys half of what one could buy just 5 years ago. It is cruel and unjust to leave the elligibilty requirements the same.

Social Security checks should be increased to the real world inflation. Sure, many people wind up with a social security increase each year due to "inflation" but we also know it does not reflect the real world inflation. Right now the social security beneficiaries are cheated.

Right now there are many laws from Washington that require states and local government to pick up the costs primarily from state and local taxes. There should be a new rule that requires funding from the federal government if they want to impose laws on states and local government.

There is no accurate count of how many Americans have been fired due to their American jobs being outsourced overseas during the Bush administration. It has to be a joke when the Bush administration tells those that are fired that they are now better off being fired. Many lost jobs that paid well and had good benefits. Many depending on their age or health or the location of where they live can do no better that the job they once had. Some are young enough and healthy enough to be retrained. Some can move to another location where it may or not be better to obtain a good job. Most people struggle for a few years if not for the rest of their lives. America cannot afford to lose its manufacturing and service jobs. The loss of jobs has not been moderate, where America can recover. The loss of jobs has been wholesale and America cannot recover easily.

We also need to be reminded why tens of millions of illegal aliens were allowed into America during the past 20 years which was to increase the supply of unskilled labor in order to lower wages. We all know industries where there were American citizens working the jobs as recently as 5 years ago such as meatpacking, landscaping, construction, and others but the American citizens were fired and replaced at lower wages and fewer if any benefits. Most of these illegal aliens have regular jobs they go to each work day and we see across America many more waiting on corners for a day's work.

We have predatory corporations in America that earn billions of dollars in profit each year to supplement their employee wage and benefits by facilitating supplemention of federal and state aid programs for them because they do not pay their employees or provide adequate benefits to their full time employees.

It must be pointed out that many labor unions did not do much to protect the American citizen on the job but are now providing protection for the illegal aliens. These unions should have protected the American citizen workers. The national unions should call for a national strike across America, which is long overdue. The current union presidents are toothless and have no backbone compared to the ones of the 1950's and 1960's and before..

The biggest joke that Bush and Washington played on the American public is when millions of aliens are allowed to work in America replacing Americans on the job and the lobbyists are seeking to increase the numbers of aliens working in America. The temporary alien workers should all be sent home because there are qualified Americans available to perform the jobs.

The low and middle class in America have been proud. Many were willing to suffer and refuse food stamps and medicaid and other social safety nets because they felt it was accepting charity or they would be accepting welfare. Now employers can fire anyone at any time for no reason at all. Union effectiveness has been castrated by Washington and state law. Federal and state labor protection has been diminished by cutting budgets diminishing resources to follow the law. There is no barrier to millions of Mexicans at the border to prevent them from entering America. There is no vigorous prosecution of employers hiring illegal aliens. Congress continues to increase the number of H1B aliens allowing them to replace Americans on the job in America when there are qualified Americans available to perform those jobs. President Clinton economist advisor Blinder says there may be up to 50 million more American jobs than can be transferred overseas under current circumstances. Many Americans have suffered during the President Bush administration and many more will suffer during the next few years at least unless the actions of Washington are changed by replacing the insiders. American labor, you are and continue to be in jeopardy. You do not own anyone anything because they took away your dignity. Go after any and all safety net programs. It is a tough world out there for low and middle class Americans. We must all be careful.

There are many other things that can be accomplished and could be accomplished quickly, but the same old Washington will keep on doing same old things unless they are all replaced.

There are a lot of sucking sounds in America. The loudest is the sharply rising prices affecting
those that can afford it the least. America has suffered job loss to foreign countries for far too many years. Another giant sucking sound is the aliens allowed to work in America replacing Americans on the job when there are qualified Americans available to perform the work. Another sucking sound is the sound of the Mexican jumping the American border fence and replacing you, your child, or neighbor on the job at lower wages. Another sucking sound is the loss of market value of many American citizens 's homes.