Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Where Is My Surplus? Show Me The Money!

Where Is My Surplus? Show Me The Money!

The Federal Government does not make a profit, but when income less outlays leaves money left over, it is called a surplus.

The Masterminds in Washinton, DC have gotten everybody paranoid that Social Security will be bancrupt in a few years. At current withholding, in a few years, it is anticipated that revenue will not be enough to pay all of the valid claims to Social Security, which is known as running a deficit.

Since 1935, Social Security has annualy paid out less money than it took in from contributions, meaning there has been surpluses in excess contributions for 72 years. Just think what that total would be today. Think about it if that money was earning compound interest of say 6% each year then there would be trillions of dollars available to pay disbursements to Social Security beneficiaries. Where is my surplus? Guess where the surpluses went to, the answer is the Federal government general fund where it was spent to pay for the military, Mastermind (our Federal Goverment elected officials) salaries, unnecessary pork projects, and genuine projects.

They spent the Social Security surpluses for ever, which is up to 72 years already going to 73 years.

They should have stored the surpluses at interest. They used the Social Security surpluses so they could either not raise taxes or even reduce them, or not to borrow additional funds to balance the Federal budget. All Presidents since FDR and all congresses, also since that time, spent our Social Security surplus money.

This fraud and misrepresentation has come home to roost. Our Masterminds played games for the short term without looking ahead to the future. And these individuals are supposed to be our brightest and sharpest! They all look like dumbasses to me.

If they do the right thing they will make sure all of the Social Security Administrations are able to be funded for the next 72 years.

Where Is My Surplus? Show Me The Money! Should be a major issue for the next class of Masterminds heading back to Washington, DC in 2009. We want to know what their SSA plan is. They and their predecessors robbed the program so they must put it back on solid fiscal ground.
Do not let anyone rip off your Social Security benefits. Some dumbasses are talking about lowering payment amounts and raising qualification standards. Some are saying that it should be paid only to the really unfortunate and destitute, but that leaves millions of us not that bad off but not on easy street either that could lose our current entitlements. We must review the presidential candidates, Senators and Representatives up for election with their current Social Security positions.

Many of us already depend on Social Security, some will need to count on Social Security in the next couple of years, many younger people including children, are one disaster away from needing benefits due to disability or the death of a spouse or parent. Many others would have nothing except for their SSI benefit.