Saturday, July 03, 2010

World War II And Current Unemployment

In order to beat the Germans and the Japanese during World War II, the Allies bombed German and Japanese factories. Thousands of bombing runs were made dropping ton after ton of bombs. The costs probably ran more than a trillion dollars in today's money. Eventually the bombing runs served their purposes. The most profound effects were that Germany and Japan lost their air forces. Thousands of factories were bombed and destroyed bringing the War closer to the end.

The same thing happened peacefully in America. Thousands of factories in America were closed by management with the approval of our federal and state elected officials. In addition to the blue collar workers, white collar American workers lost their jobs also. Surprisingly, the factories and offices while being closed in America were being reopened overseas. Additionally, the American federal government flooded the American labor market in America with tens of millions of illegal aliens. The illegal alien migration was supposed to stop with President Reagan's amnesty program, but all Presidents since Reagan allowed the flood of illegals. With the H1B visa, hundreds of thousands of aliens are working in America taking American jobs.

The basic reason for outsourcing was that labor was expensive in America and much cheaper in other countries. The illegal aliens in America took jobs Americans did not want, was another famous quote. Nobody explained that their were other factors to consider besides labor cost.

American parents and grandparents are realizing that that their children would never reach the level of economic success that they did.

Nobody explained that Americans like to work. The American economy depended on high employment and many high wage earners. American national defense depends on wide and varied vibrant American industry. Nobody explained that a few would reap the benefit of the imports, certainly not the consumers as a whole. Why should the American consumer pay fifty dollars for a toaster or pair of sneakers that probably cost Sears $10 to make and ship to America? If you want to see the latest and greatest new factories and transportation and utility infrastructure, you have to go to China or India, they are no longer in America.

Most of the American states are cutting their programs because they do not have the funding for them. Most Americans do not like giving $130,000 each to support the public education from kindergarten thru high school for each illegal alien child and unlimited medical and hospitalization for each illegal alien. Most states could easily balance their budgets if they did not have to support illegal aliens.

The biggest buyer of all goods in the United States is our Federal Goverment followed by the state and local governments. Our Governments should have a buy American made first policy which they do not have right now. They should also send home all H1B aliens that they currently employ. They should also review the outsourcing efforts that their vendors participate in. I do not thing any state should deposit their funds in an bank that outsources overseas when the state's citizen residents could use the jobs.

Any consumer company should use American labor rather than overseas labor or H1B labor here in America.

The foreign workers are exploited, as well as the illegal aliens and the H1B workers for greed, many of them eagerly because of harsh conditions in their home countries. President Bush's quote that Illegal aliens took jobs that Americans did not want should always be amended to include at that low rate of pay with few benefits if any, but would take the jobs at a better rate of pay and benefits. Deflation in wages has hit America in the meat packing industry when the packers fired Americans and hired illegals to perform work.