Sunday, May 20, 2007

Giuliani is Dirt

Giuliani is Dirt

Everyone knows the New York City World Trade Center was bombed twice. The first time was a huge fertilizer vehicle bomb that exploded in a garage basement level of the WTC. The second time was a few years later that we all know as 911 when thousands died.

Who was responsible for the safety of people in the World Trade Center towers before the second attack. Yes, Rudy Giuliani.

Although advised not to have the emergency control center at ground zero, Giuliani insisted it be established right there.

Emergency workers who were heroes could not talk to each other because of faulty radios.

It was chaos there that day. St Vincent's hospital prepared for thousands of injured that never arrived. With such a catastrophy, one would think there would be many burned, others with broken limbs or backs, internal injuries.... Most victims were incinerated...cremated. St Vincents as was all other emergency hospitals in the area, was the Maytag lonely repairman with no injured showing up. Stretchers and hospital staff were lined up for a city block at St Vincents waiting for injured and no emergencies showed up at St Vincents..I was there behind the fence and watching the WTC towers burn when I looked downtown. I commuted through the World Trade Center since 1974 on the Path trains that arrived below the shopping concourse that I walked through each day to get to and from work each day. I survived by travelling another route that morning bypassing the WTC.

Safety plans for the towers were insufficient. Emergency rescue plan was terrible. Building safety was inadequate. If they could guarantee everyone in the towers could walk out within an hour then the vast majority could have been saved. If they worked on a better plan to rescue survivors from floors above the fire, then more could have been saved. If they practiced the emergency maybe some things would have been tested and improved.

Instead of the hero of 911, Rudy was the Angel of Death for thousands. And I do not think he suffers any pain from those deaths. Giuliani was the fool, not the hero of 911. The mayoral decisions, planning, preparedness, and execution of safety of the WTC and really bad, cavalier, and negligent.

The biggest reson why Rudy Guiliani is so distasteful is that his corpoate clients might create ethics conflicts bigger than those of Cheney and Halliburton. Guiliani is partner in a Houston law firm that lobbies the White House and Congress for thousands of clients. Lobbyists are the whore representatives of big business and the super wealthy that sacrifice the values, decency, and economic survival of the middle class.

Finally, Rudy has raging hormones. Those of us in the New York area had to witness his adultery and separation from his second wife and the mother of his children while he was mayor of New York City. If he is so smart, why does he have such a problem with marriage? We do not need this chronic behavior in the White House.

Rudy, if we need another ass in the White House, we'll call on you. But don't hold your breath.

The Immigration Bill: Comprehensive or Incomprehensible?

The Immigration Bill: Comprehensive or Incomprehensible?

posted by Fred Dalton Thompson on 5/18/2007 4:01:50 PM

"We should scrap this “comprehensive” immigration bill and the whole debate until the government can show the American people that we have secured the borders -- or at least made great headway. That would give proponents of the bill a chance to explain why putting illegals in a more favorable position than those who play by the rules is not really amnesty."

American labor has been betrayed at the low end jobs by the invasion of illegal aliens, and at the higher end by the H1B program, and at all levels by unimpeded overseas outsourcing of American jobs. Many American workers have been fired several times this decade not due to bad performance or the employer went out of business, but because the employer found cheaper labor by hiring aliens in America or overseas.

Some idiots in the media say that labor should retrain and seek jobs that cannot be accomplished overseas but the President and Congress are bringing the aliens here to America. The illegal aliens jump the Mexican and American border number 12 million recently and tens of millions during the past recent decades. The legal aliens are the H1B Visa holders and they are other similar programs that enable aliens to work in America generally at high tech jobs and lower wages that Americans would have required. The truth is that wages for all jobs generally in America have either been reduced or have not kept up with inflation during the past 8 years. it seems the only rewarded people recently are Congress and the President of the United States and business executive management.

Bush was and is fond of saying the aliens were doing jobs that Americans were no longer willing to do. The comment is drastically unfair. First, the President and Congress lapsed the minimum wage increase for ten years and it is still not signed into law. Second the minimum wage bill only goes to $7.50 in the future when it should have been at $10.00 or more right away which would have been at the same purchasing power level as minimum wage during the 1960's. Employers do not want angry workers whose pay and benefits may have been cut 50%, so they fire the high pay Americans when they bring in the lower paid aliens. And everyone knows you cannot mix oil and water in the workplace. If the basic work group is illiterate, poverty level, and Spanish only speaking then English only speakers with a different background are not hired. Thus the jobs become owned by the Spanish speakers and English only speakers are not hired. The same is true at the high end jobs when Indian citizens are desired rather than American citizens.

You cannot tell me that $40 shirts, $60 sneakers, $30 toasters, $1000 home computers, and most other things cannot be manufactured here in America. A few individuals are getting filthy rich. Americans pay gold prices for imported merchandise when they should be paying silver prices. And most of the jobs should never have left America.

The same is true for service jobs exported to foreign countries. More projects fail overseas than projects in America. Politically, everyone says it is wonderful, but the truth is different. Distance causes communication problems. English skills may be good, but American socialization is missing. The third world has different social beliefs and infrastructure than America. And most Americans dislike customer service from overseas and feel betrayed. And for the computer programming, engineering, graphic design, business analysis, and other thing recently provided overseas for America, I have not benefited from it. My bank service charges are not reduced, my utility bills are going higher, hardware and software expenses for my home computer are the same or higher, and my tax rates also head higher. Only a few individuals are profiting enormously and the rest of us suffer.

Alan Blinder, noted economist estimates 30 to 40 more American jobs are offshorable. Congress recently vastly increased the number of H1b aliens to enter America and work. The proposed immigration bill is too complex to enforce and it looks like more business as usual: more invaders and employers hiring illegals.

Our national, state, and local tax money is going overseas unimpeded, can you believe it? When they got away with so much betrayal already, does anybody think their own job is safe anymore? If they cannot send your job overseas, then they can give it to either an illegal alien or to an H1B. Not many stood up for the manufacturing sector and America is even losing the auto industry at this time. Few complained about the H1B program. Until recently not many complained about the foreign invaders and the criminal employers. Now is the time to speak up or they will further betray us.

The invaders of America must be turned back and those that hired them must be punished. We must punish the elected officials that do not support securing the border. We must also punish those that let increases in minimum wage lapse for far too long. We must punish those in the House and Senate that increased the H1B program even though there are Americans willing, able, and qualified to perform that work. We must punish the Senators and House members who did nothing while tens of millions of American jobs went overseas. Voters should recognize the elected officials that hurt them so they can find other candidates to vote for during the next elections. We need to elect an American President who will secure the border, arrest the criminal employers, drastically reduce the H1B program, and keep most of the manufacturing and service jobs here in America.

The American worker who is the backbone of the nation, and the middle class has been betrayed and harmed. Are you going to stand for more of the same?