Sunday, September 14, 2008

Which Is More Gruesome?

Which Is More Gruesome?

Most of us have been subjected to the telling of the tortures of Senator John McCain when he was captured after his jet was hit during the Vietnam War and he spent 5 years as a prisoner of war at the "Hanoi Hilton" where he suffered medical treatment neglect, insufficient food, torture, and inhuman conditions. The description of his capture and captivity was pretty descriptive and would probably rate a "R" rating with an announcement in advance that the description was gruesome and many would rather not hear it.

For this Americans are supposed to think that this is the man we want in the White House because he is an American hero, but I cannot give up the thought that anyone who goes through so much pain has to be somewhat wacko crazy. It is like a plant that has ideal growing conditions and someone steps on it. The plant will never be the same or have as much promise.

Senator McCain, his leader, President Bush and the Republican Congress gave American workers their "Hanoi Hilton" suffering.

How much misery was spread by Senator McCain when he voted down minimum wage increases 17 or more times. All minimum wage is to bring a little more comfort to those less fortunate. There was no increase for more than 7 years until last year and it was insufficient to enable purchasing power to be restore to that of minimum wage of the 1960's. There was a second increase recently and now minimum wage is still $3.00 less per hour to return it to that of the 1960's. Can you imagine going without a wage increase for more than 7 years? Can you imagine getting a small increase knowing that past presidents and congresses were much more generous than the current ones?

McCain, Bush, and Congress gave America depressed wages and benefits. Nobody can deny that must have been their objective. Millions of good paying American jobs have left America. Tens of millions illegal aliens were allowed into the country to replace legal Americans on the job by working for much less salary and benefits. A million white collar American jobs were replaced by H1B and 22 other alien temporary visas here in America. There is no job in America that Senator McClain, President Bush, and Congress cannot bring in an alien temporary worker with their 23 temporary worker visas. Think about tens of millions of legal American citizens going home to tell the spouse and children that they have just been fired. That these people were unemployed and most had token unemployment benefits. That those families would be on diminished income for many months and for some forever. That the families would have to give up many things they once took for granite. That many people could not handle the job loss situation and became mentally and physically ill, with many of them dying prematurely.

Senator McClain, George Bush, and Congress ruined the American economy. There are not many good paying American jobs around anymore. Most industry went overseas. Almost everything in our department and food stores is imported into America. There is no balance in our payments to and from other countries. They allowed crooks to steal and screw up the American banking system. The Bush bailout is going to cost America a trillion dollars.

McCain, Bush, and Congress turned Wall Street into worse than Las Vegas. Most Americans thought Wall Street was regulated and fair for consumers to purchase bonds and stocks and sometimes commodities, but this is no longer true. Most Wall Street trades are not even counted in the trading each day because there are additions forums for huge investors to trade and they do not have to report. There are now brokers and exchanges that allow shorts to be traded without even being covered and that they can not find sufficient stocks that they can borrow. There are now new huge players in the market like hedge funds and international country funds that are mostly ignored by our watchdog agencies. It used to be said it was safer to invest in Wall Street, but now it appears it is safer to bet in Las Vegas.

McCain, Bush, and Congress are selling American strategic assets to foreign countries with abandon. They forget that America provided 52% of world GDP during World War II when we fought wars in Europe and also in Asia and supported all of our Allies not just with war materials but also with food and other necessities. Our plants are rusting while other countries have new ones. The experienced and skilled workers are retiring and are not training the next generation of Americans to do those jobs because the plants are overseas. Skilled and trained workers are ignoring engineering and other major skills because they saw the outsourcing overseas and the
H1B aliens that replaced their parents and others on the job here in America. Switzerland building a critical component for an American missile caused delay in delivering the parts because of political disagreement with America. We all know that Russia is extorting Europe over energy.

McCain, Bush, and Congress have let our children down by letting them fail in their studies ranking lower in too many categories compared to other nations. Most of our children cannot afford to attend colleges or universities. The world changes so fast that the parents need to be updated in their work categories periodically and their employers are lax to fund it and governnment is lax to make it affordable so many people get fired and replaced by younger recently trained people.

McCain, Bush, and Congress have made life gruesome for American workers and their families. They let America down and have caused "Hanoi Hilton" level problems for millions of American workers and their families. American workers are the backbone of America and should never be forgotten or exploited as they have been by McCain, Bush, and Congress.