Friday, September 01, 2006

Pocket of Pain for Young Graduates

Michael Mandel quoting US Census statistics released Tuesday, Aug. 29, 2006...Perhaps the most distressing figure was one buried deep inside the detailed tables. It turns out that the median earnings of young college grads, adjusted for inflation, fell by an astonishing 3.3% in 2005. That's on top of similar declines in 2004 and 2003. All told, the earnings of young college grads are down by almost 8% since 2002. [For a related chart, see, 8/29/06, "Young College Grads in Free Fall."]


All affected young college graduates and their parents should write letters or send emails to President George Bush and also to your senate and house representatives, thanking them for setting American federal policy against your family.

Wages are set by supply and demand competition and Bush and congress have unrealistically set your family against recent college graduates and their families of foreign countries. Until Bush II arrived there was always moderate international competition, but he instigated wholesale, take no prisoner competition, for some reason punishing recent American college graduates and their families.

American business can hire 3 or 4 recent college graduates in India, China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, and other countries for the level of wages for one American recent college graduate in America. Workers from Great Britain, Australia, and Canada are not as cheaply paid as Indians or Chinese, but get less than Americans. The benefit to business is greater when the work can be performed in their home countries but the savings also exists when the people are brought here under a US Visa such as H1B.

Some of your tax money is spent paying foreign workers to perform work at the Federal, state, and local government levels. This has been going on at a low to moderate level over the years, but has drastically increased during the last 5 years. Do you want your tax money to go overseas to pay their people or to remain in the United States and pay your children and fellow Americans?

American business is continuing to outsource computer, engineering, accounting, legal, customer service, graphic designers, media writers, medical doctors, and more jobs overseas to save money. Most are looking at their American workers with their higher salaries as lepers. The pendulum has swung too far where employers have seen many other companies doing it and getting away with it scot-free where other companies think they should also do it to remain competitive. This has to stop immediately.

These recent graduates have spent a lot of time and money into their educations, many with large oustanding loans to be repaid, that are having difficulty finding suitable jobs with suitable salaries. Many never worked during boom times in America and will never be able to participate in home ownership, unless things change.

Many employers are sponsoring foreign workers to replace their American workers on the job in America. The most popular program is H1B where there are supposed to be 2 major rules. The foreign workers are to supplement American workers when there are not enough American workers to fill the demand and the second rule is that they are supposed to be paid the prevailing wage. The first issue is that there are enough Americans to fill the demand but none of the H1B's have been sent home and second there is documented proof of employer salary abuse of the H1B workers.

The flagrant employment of tens of millions illegal aliens in America and the total lack of enforcement of current laws punishing employers of illegal aliens is despicable and outrageous.

Comments: Solution

1. Make a national issue out of the employment of Americans and the enforcement of existing immigration and employment laws.

2. Impeach the President and Vice President for not enforcing American laws.

3. Vote out of office the majority of all incumbent Senators and Representatives. If they went along with this nonsense they deserve to be sent home in disgrace.

4. Keep all government contract money within the United States. Make sure that the contracts specify that they cannot be outsourcing overseas.

5. Put your Utility Commission under a microscope. When water, telephone, cable, gas, sewer, electric, and refuse companies save millions of dollars sending American jobs overseas why should they get any rate increases at all? It is insane that they use this money for executive salary increases and bonuses when it comes out of your community. How many American jobs has your electric company taken out of your state and shipped to a foreign country? Do you know how many H1B's your gas company has currently employed?

6. Consumer laws affect many companies and industries. Do you know how many thousands of jobs your banks and insurance companies have sent overseas? Do you realize how much saving that produced? Maybe your state can investigate and save consumers a lot of money by reducing usury rates, fees, and rates for their constituents. If business will not keep the money within the community why should the community be as generous with the businesses?

7. Most of us see illegal aliens at work everyday. Each year recently they seem to be getting hired by permanent businesses instead of just as day laborers jumping into somebody's truck. You see them in fast food restaurants, in other restaurants as busboys, as supermarket clerks, in cleaning crews, in landscaping crews, in construction crews, in warehouses, and many other types of jobs. I performed on many of these types of jobs as a student during the 1960' and 1970's. Some of my relatives and neighbors performed these jobs throughout the 1980's and into the 1990's. But now these jobs seem to be dedicated to the Latin American Spanish speaker.

Civil rights for all do not dedicate certain jobs to certain groups of people especially illegal aliens. My family and I, most of my neighbors, and most Americans are barred (discriminated) from these jobs now because they do not have the "right" heritage and do not speak Spanish.

The problem would be moot if the borders were protected and employers were prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens. But the Bush administration gave the green light for this to happen by not enforcing existing American law.

What do you think? Are you happy with your job? Are you underemployed? Do you think your children and grandchildren will be as successful as you in America? Do you fell you have any job security?