Saturday, June 02, 2007

Making Less Money Than Dad...More Lies

Making Less Money Than Dad...More Lies

Report reveals American men in their 30s earn less than their fathers did, as family income growth decelerates. American men in their 30s are earning less than their father's generation did, challenging a long-held belief that each generation will be better off than the one that preceded it, according to a recent study. The report, the first in an ongoing 18-month study on economic mobility in the United States, also revealed that the income growth of the median American household is declining. The study, published May 25, was produced by a handful of politically diverse think tanks including the Pew Charitable Trusts, the American Enterprise Institute, the Brookings Institute, the Heritage Foundation and the Urban Institute. It looked at income levels of American men in their 30s, which can be a good indicator of lifetime income.


These organizations state a fact, that the current generation makes less money than the prior generation and only suggests greedy executives are keeping most of any productivity gains rather than passing them down to the rank and file employees which is only partial truth and they know better to suggest more powerful reasons.

The more powerful reasons are based on supply and demand. The fewer workers with a given skill set, wages will be high and additional workers will lower the level of wages.

The President, Senate, and the Congressmen and Congresswomen in Washington have overwhelmingly increased the supply of workers at every skill set lowering the level of wages.

Basically, American citizens previously competed for jobs among themselves. The supply of labor was limited to the population of American citizens. Aliens made up a small or moderate increase in the supply of labor.

Aliens have been added to the supply of workers for American jobs. Now Americans do not compete among ourselves for jobs, but with hundreds of millions of alien workers.

Since the 1970's employers started outsourcing jobs overseas primarily in the manufacturing sector primarily blue collar and since the late 1990's started outsourcing additional jobs in the service sector including white collar. Think about it America manufactured radios, tv's, clothing, shoes, toasters, and many other things but since the 1970's more and more goods are now produced overseas. Tens of millions of workers in foreign countries were added to the supply of workers to manufacture goods for the American consumer. During the past ten years most of us have talked with representatives of American companies who are based overseas. Many American companies have outsourced computer programming, accounting, legal, graphic design, and other professional jobs overseas. Hundreds of thousands of Americans were displaced from their jobs in america and the jobs were given to aliens in foreign countries.

The supply of workers in America for unskilled or low skill labor has increased by tens of millions because Washington will not protect our border, capture illegal aliens and return them to their home countries, or prosecute the criminal employers of illegal aliens. America's million man and woman police force across the country look the other way and allow crime to pay for the aliens and the employers....maybe we do not need as many police officers across the country because they do not perform their job to enforce the law.

There are hundreds of thousands of additional aliens for high skill jobs brought to work in America known as the H1B visa program. These visas are supposed to be temporary to fill gaps when employers in America cannot find Americans to perform the work. But with the outsourcing of high skill jobs overseas, there is an oversupply of American workers to perform these jobs. The vast number of H1B visa holders are no longer necessary, but Washington is seeking to increase the numbers of H1B visas and enable hunfdreds of thousands additional H1B aliens into America replacing American citizens.

The supply of workers has increased due to outsourcing overseas, by allowing tens of millions illegal aliens to work in America, and by bring in massive numbers of H1B visa holders. Washington has let down America labor. I can understand if the programs were moderate but they are all excessive and harsh on American citizens.

Washington representatives are beating up on American labor across all fronts and we should not allow it any longer. Hillary Clinton and other Presidential hopefuls are for amnesty of the illegal aliens and also for increasing the number of H1B visas and do not have any program to slow down foreign outsourcing of American jobs. I do not understan how Senator Kennedy can work with the President on the recent immigration/amnestry bill.

I guess when Washington can turn the nation's police forces into Seargeant Shultz's where they see nothing, know nothing, and do nothing about illegal aliens and their criminal employers, I guess we can have a Press that ignores the rape of American labor. Even the American Press is losing jobs to aliens, maybe their management discourages reporting of it.