Monday, May 15, 2006

Robber Barons Go Free; America Should Not Exploit American Citizen Workers

The Bush Administration, the Senate, and the House do not enforce the laws that penalize employers of illegal aliens, rewarding the employers of millions of illegal aliens, with cheap labor.

The employers of illegal aliens know that these people want to hide from view from the legal authorities so they are easily exploited. Generally they receive wages below the wages normally paid for the jobs that they perform. Generally, they do not receive benefits generally obtained by legal workers such as paid sick days and vacation, retirement, and health insurance. Generally, the employers of illegal workers dump the normal social responsibilities of most employers on the public such as education of their children and healthcare. I am sure than most illegal workers have been additionally abused by their employers in not getting fully paid for their work at one time or another.

Bush and the other Robber Barons enabled an oversupply of unskilled or low skilled illegal alien workers into America, lowering wages and benefits for American citizens competing for those jobs. Bush, the Senate, and the House conspired with robber baron employers to hire the illegal alien workers with no fear of criminal or civil prosecution.

Bush, the Senate, and the House are leaders to roll back 100 years of labor progress in a decent minimum wage, the 40 hour workweek, time and a half for overtime, paid sick days, paid vacations, OSHA, retirement benefits, health benefits, Civil Rights, enforcement of laws to penalize the hiring of illegal aliens, fair trade laws instead of free trade laws, discrimination laws, the right to organize into unions, the right to strike, child labor, Social Security Disability, Social Security Retirement, Medicare, and more laws.

Bush, the Senate, and the House by not enforcing the border and not prosecuting employers of illegal aliens have emboldened many employers to fire their American citizen employees and hire illegals to perform the work at much lower rates with fewer or no benefits. Many employers replaced their legal American workers and hired illegal workers at arms length by contracting for them, but they know what they are doing anyway and are guilty of exploitation anyway.

Bush likes to mention that the illegal aliens do the jobs that Americans will not do and that Americans should go back to school and get training or additional training. If the jobs paid a decent wage and had benefits, many Americans would do the jobs. Low pay and no benefits make the robber barons and the paid politicians in their employ rich.

Forcing rank and file American citizens pay to educate the children of the illegal aliens and pay for their healthcare is outrageous when they are having difficulty paying to educate their children and pay for their own healthcare.

When we have robber barons in the executive and congress what else can we expect? The robber barons are too bold. I don't think most American citizens trust most Republicans or Democrats. It seems that they do not want to listen to the rank and file Americans. Most of our federal republican and democrat representatives are no good. Most of the republicans and democrats running for election are no good because they will not step up to raising the federal minimum wage, protecting our borders, enforcing the laws against the employers of illegal workers, enabling fair trade instead of free trade, stepping up with solutions for the energy problem, and many other issues that are important to the American people. Maybe America needs third party candidates running for election.

President Ronald Reagan pardoned millions of illegal aliens which brought millions more to America. Now President Bush and other robber barons want to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens without properly protecting America's borders, first. President Bush does not want to prosecute employers of illegal aliens. Bush wants the flow of additional illegal aliens into this country to continue for many more years. Bush should be impeached because he violated his oath of office to enforce the laws of the United States, but this may never happen because there are too many other robber barons in the Senate and the House who are also guilty to do it.

What do you think? Do your federal, state, and local officials represent your thoughts and ideas? Do you think they are doing a good job?

Robber Baron Minimum Wage

The first thing Bush, the Senate, and the House should do is to raise the $5.15 minimum wage which hasn't been raised in almost 10 years. How would you like to work without a raise for almost 10 years?

Everyone is complaining about the high prices today and that everything has been going up in price. One has to be cruel and heartless to continue with the $5.15 minimum wage.

What do you think about President Bush, your Senators, and your Representative for not increasing the minimum wage in almost 10 years?

Eighteen of the 50 states have minimum wage levels greater than the federal level of $5.15, but the minimum wage in 32 states is $5.15. What do you think about your Governor and state legislature?