Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Republican Sponsored Fleecing of Social Security Recipients

Republican Sponsored Fleecing of Social Security Recipients

Most Social Security recipients have their checked automatically deposited into their bank accounts and sometimes that deposit is all the income that month for the individual or the couple.

It is now easy for judgements to freeze bank accounts and debt holders just notify all banks in a three state area from where a debtor lives and asks that any accounts owned by the debtor is frozen. Some banks eat up balances with fees, such as charging $30 for a dozen checks that now bounce because the account is frozen. It can take weeks or months to unfreeze a frozen account.

Some seniors have been in a panic because they cannot pay for their medicine or put food on the table. One couple in the article lived on brown rice for 23 days. One victims health declined.

One needs to be a rotten bastard without feelings to allow this to continue to our fellow American citizens. The President, our Senators, and our Representatives are frozen allowing and continuing to enable this freezing of social security accounts. Even all of the Presidential candidates including the Democrats are despicable.

Social security was established to provide a minimal safety net for our disabled and seniors, and exempt funds such as social security and veterans benefits are not supposed to be garnished, but they are.

One would think our leaders would display that they all have hearts when it comes to our poor and disabled, but I guess not. One would think they learned something about charity from their clergy, but I guess not. All of the social security recipients who now have their bank accounts frozen, I guess are the "Tiny Tim's" of 2007. Maybe they all ought to be scared by the ghosts of the past, present, and future to see the errors of their current ways.