Wednesday, December 09, 2009

New Rules For Employment, Fight For Every American Job

Twenty years ago, management would evaluate where to establish a new or move an old customer service center, factory, office, warehouse, or data center and the result would be that it would be established somewhere in America supported by local American labor.

Today, management also takes into consideration utilizing facilities and labor from foreign countries, and they are outsourcing there, heavily displacing thousands of American sites and tens of millions of American workers.

Many American sites today are shadows of what they were in the recent past because the primary employer(s) left town to move overseas. Most of these towns have only the elderly left on Social Security retirement or disability while the rest left to seek work elsewhere. The towns are bankrupt because most of the real estate has been abandoned with no-one to pay taxes. Local government had to downsize, laying off teachers, police, firemen, and administrators due to lack of revenue. Many, lucky enough to have a job, had to take severe cuts in pay and benefits.

There are 20 million and more unemployed or under-employed Americans today. The migration of jobs overseas did not happen overnight. It was steady over many years. In the beginning, most American companies were sensitive to public outcry when they layed off their workers. Instead of laying off large numbers all at one time, they would downsize a few hundred workers at a time and a few weeks later lay off more. There was no public outcry and the companies became bolder and layed off thousands at a time. They moved entire facilities overseas.

Since President Reagan millions of illegal aliens have also displaced Americans on the job in America. And it is not just the produce pickers supporting American produce. Illegal aliens are cutting meat in the slaughter houses. They are working in the warehouses. They are working in all forms of construction. Many are in our restaurants. There is a second society in America that speaks Spanish and almost no English. American citizens that speak only English will never be hired for the jobs that the American employers have given to the Spanish speakers. It has been documented that the illegal aliens will work in America for half of the salary and benefits that an American would do the job. The most famous instance is when American meatcutters were displaced by illegal aliens.

America has a VISA known as the H1B for temporary college trained alien workers to be brought into America to work when there are not enough Americans to do the work. With more than 10% unemployment of those seeking work and millions of additional American citizen workers that either gave up seeking work or are under-employed, the hundreds of thousand alien H1B holders should be sent back to their home countries.

The key to the successful past was moderation. The key to the current American employment failure is excessive.

More than 100 million American have been displaced at least once on the job by aliens and they all have the right to be bitter. It is a bitter taste when you are cut off at the knees and you have to lower your spending. You find that you cannot provide for your children or parents as much as you did before. You may have to leave your home because you cannot afford the mortgage anymore. Many cannot afford health insurance anymore. Most find that the high salary rate they once had is no longer available because many are now seeking the same available job. Some find that the new jobs are temporary lasting only 3 or 6 months or maybe as long as 2 years if they are lucky when they are displaced again and have to start over seeking employment.

Thousands of Americans were not mentally or physically strong enough to handle the stress of losing their jobs and they became very ill with heart attacks and strokes and many died.

Our President, senators, representatives, governors, state legislatures, and county and city elected officials have to learn that is is not alright to let American jobs go to foreign countries or to allow foreign workers here in America. American citizens must write letters and emails to all elected officials. Americans must demonstrate peacefully. Articles must be written to the editor of our papers.

If we have the opportunity to hire, hire the American first. Most hiring managers are under no requirement to hire aliens. Do the right thing and hire Americans.

Our federal, state and city government probably have tens of thousands of H1B aliens working in America on government contracts. Why? Get rid of them. Mayor Blomberg of New York City allows IBM to bring in aliens to work on city contracts in New York City. How unpatriotic can a mayor be?

All over America our police, sheriff departments, marshalls, troopers and other police organizations have ignored the illegal alien problem. They play like Sargent Schultz in an old TV program that he sees nothing and knows nothing going on in a German POW camp. A million police organizations across America can round up millions of law breakers if they were motivated.

There are trillions of dollars spent each year by our American government when you add up the federal, state, and local organizations seeking products and services. The procurement should require the work and products be accomplished by legal American residents. Made in America products and services should be favored by all government agencies.

Obama and Congress is talking about another 200 billions of dollars to stimulate job creation. If employers do not get the message to hire Americans only, they will outsource overseas or hire illegal aliens or even sponsor more H1B's. They have their hands out for the next 200 billion but have they recieved the message or not?