Friday, August 04, 2006

Veto Executive Order 13166

With a quick stroke of his pen, then President William J. Clinton signed Executive Order 13166 into law on August 11, 2000. With that act, the federal government became officially multilingual, requiring any entity receiving federal monies to provide services in any language. (The link contains the source of the Executive Order)

Executive Order 13166 must be vetoed, repealed, obsoleted, eliminated, revoked, or whatever happens to eliminate an executive order.

I grew up and worked primarily in New Jersey and New York. I am a composite of many cultures as a human being myself. Even as a child I was fascinated by ethnic cultures. I took advantage of other cultures when I could. As I became older, I learned more. I spent one year at Public School 70 in the Bronx which was primarily Jewish, but still diverse too. That year I studied for my confirmation and many others studied for their bar or bat mitzvahs. I spent many hours at the home of a Moslem student friend from Cyprus with red hair that year. That year I also made my first Puerto Rican and Black friends too.

I spent my freshman college year at a small liberal arts college in Alabama in 1966. Talk about culture shock, but I enjoyed it. I became a steak and greens man instead of a steak and potato man. I saw Governor Wallace and his first wife Lurleen in town because I was lured down the street by live music intended to draw a crowd to hear the governor make a speech.

My first college summer job was at Topper Toys, which was big back then. Im learned most of my Spanish attitude and swear words there.

I transferred to Memphis State University (now University of Memphis) and saw glimpses of the old South and the newer South. You could not avoid Reverend King's speeches in that city he was there so often.

New York City is home to most American cultures originally. Employed most of my years in New York City I was part of a very diverse group made even more diverse with H1B's. One of my friends was a Russian bomber pilot before he came to the United States, who said he frequently flew to Cuba and then back up the Eastern coast of the United States. I told him the American Armed Forces were tracking him and would have let him have it if things went crazy.

I was mad at an Asian Indian help desk person in India from Hewlett Packard and he told me to walk around the building and drink a Pepsi to cool off. I told him to do the same thing and drink a nimbu panni (lemon drink) which I am sure took him by surprise.

I am a fanatic of Mariachi music and posses many tapes in English and Spanish. I don't care for the food, but the best thing I recommend for everyone is vanilla ice cream with guava syrup on it. It is the best sundae you ever had.

I am glad that the vast number of people I have met learned English before they came to America or have worked hard to quickly learn it.

Now there are new residents of America that do not want to make the effort to learn English. I am not talking about any seriously ill, diminished, or elderly. The people that do not want to learn English are those that want to make it more difficult in America for themselves and others.

You cannot travel everyplace in America today in safety because there are areas where the residents do not speak English. In some parts of America you may not be able to find a policeman, nurse, fireman, EMT, or civilian that speaks English.

Many jobs are not available to English speakers in America because the owners made a conscious decision to hire only Spanish speakers.

Many jobs are not available to English speakers because they are for bi-lingual speakers. This is not because they are working overseas, but because they have a dominant Spanish speaking labor force.

If your children are students now, tell them to learn Spanish too because most jobs will be bi-lingual soon including all police, firemen, Emt, teachers, most other local, state, and federal jobs, and on and on, because that is where we are heading. Your children that do not speak Spanish will be isolated from society and jobs soon if we do not nip the problem in the bud right away.

There are too many people that cannot speak English in local restaurants and stores and the problem is growing.

Communications in English are diminishing because network TV and radio traditionally English stations are broadcasting more and more in Spanish. More and more billboards are in Spanish. More commercials on primarily English stations are in Spanish. There is a limit of money spent for all American media and now it is divided between English and Spanish speaking productions and it is leaning heavily more and more to the Spanish side each year.

Colleges and universities are teaching academic and job training courses in Spanish.

High schools give out diplomas to students that do not speak English in America. Many local schools were never interested in teaching English to the students.

America caved in to Spanish immigrants enabling citizenship testing in Spanish.

In some cities, the court system and medical system are overwhelmed because translators are necessary in the vast majority of the cases.

America afforded without much complaint support of legal immigration but now is overwhelmed by the expense of tens of millions of illegal immigrants and their children.

What are we to do soon? Have an English speaking military and a Spanish speaking one? Do we need two National Guards one for English and the other for Spanish? Are we to watch TV with subtitles all of the time? Are we going to have to be lucky to find government forms in English soon? When our children go to take the tests for driving their cars, will they be lucky enough to find someone who speaks English? Will we be forced to send our children in America to Spanish school because there may not be a school available to teach lessons in English?

I find this executive order to be treasonous. Anyone following its doctrine should be voted out of office. All English speaking Americans should be offended by it. America's enemies like it a lot. It is time to get rid of the Executive Order 13166.

Anybody Home ?

For the past several months I have had no success accessing the Unites States government census website.

I understand they are making changes to it. I understand they may have excessive traffic that cannot be handled properly. I think they should be more reliable that what they currently are.

I wanted to check any metrics that might have changed during the past two years that they may want to have published recently.

They had a real-time population estimate for the country and I wanted to see today's estimated population. I had to use their formula to calculate when the population of the United States would reach 300 million and 400 million people and I wanted to make sure I was using their most recent variables.

There has been a lot in the press that our borders are becoming secure and I wanted to see if there was any quantification from the census bureau to see if it was true. On TV we see more fence being constructed, we see more volunteers that are watching the border, we see additional border patrol personnel graduating from training, and more recently we see the National Guard on the border. Do we have any metrics on the success or failure of these improvements. Or is this all window dressing?

Nationalholiday2006 Blog Ending Countdown

It will be moot in about 100 days when the United States of America reaches 300 million in population during the first week of November 2006. Whatever will be accomplished should have been started by now to celebrate and acknowledge reaching 300 million in population. Most of the positive feedback arrived when the blog first started. It is still not too late to do smaller things.

I would like to say that I found a national sponsor for the event but I did not. I'd like to say that I was occasionally swamped with email with any success, but that is not the case, either.

I think the nation is missing an opportunity to acknowledge the arrival of 300 million people in America. I think we missed an opportunity to understand the issues, problems, and solutions we faced during each 100 million gain in population over the years. Today, I strongly believe that we are truly repeating our history and paying a terrible price, especially with labor, big business, international policy, and many other areas. This is really perplexing to me since America's Number One Citizen is a Yale History graduate.

I will continue to use moral suasion (this blog)to try to gain some decent acknowledgement of reaching 300 million people in population in early November 2006 at least until that time.

Below is the first entry of the blog:

During the author's lifetime the population has already doubled from 146 million to about 296 million people today. Our senior citizens born in 1915 or earlier will see the population triple from 100 million to 300 million in 2006. Those born in 1968 will see a population increase of 100 million people next year. We will see another population increase to 400 million in less than 35 years.

We need to reflect on the issues we faced as a nation over the years and celebrate our successes over the years and learn from our mistakes.

Americans love celebrations. If we can give ticker tape parades to World Series champions, the Iranian hostages, and Queen Elizabeth, I don't think celebrating the day or week that we reach 300 million population is too much to ask for. No matter how you evaluate it is a memorable and huge accomplishment.

The author will try to establish a 300 million population blog site to track opinions, milestones, events, print, web, TV, and radio media, and suggested classroom curriculum. This will be the first blog