Sunday, September 21, 2008

Can We Talk? The Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President of the United States?

Can We Talk? The Alaskan Governor, Sarah Palin for Vice President of the United States?

It was a big surprise when John McCain selected Sarah Palin as his running mate. I never heard of her and most Americans were as astounded as me. We found out she was a mayor of a small town of 6,000 and a governor of a state with about 600,000 people. We also found out she earned a 4 year degree, was a beauty contest participant, a TV broadcaster, partner in a salmon fishing business, avid hunter, and mother of 5. John McCain , out of all the other possible vice presidents to choose from selected her. It seems the lady is the grand prize "Peter's Principle" example of someone being promoted well above her skills, experience, and education to perform.
As if it would be difficult for her to be Vice President alone, but she would also be first in line as President of the United States of America, in which 305 million Americans would depend. And insurance actuaries say John McCain is not likely to live through his full four year term if he was elected President.

Palin probably wears her gun shooting glasses everyday. She probably has two freezers at home to store her salmon from her salmon business and the moose, elk, bear, and other critters she kills with her husband. She is a fundamentalist in religion believing in strict scripture interpretation and no drinking, smoking, or dancing. She supplements heating with wood burning stoves. She would have thousands of women killed each year in backstreet illegal abortion clinics by imposing her beliefs on others. She has a difficult time to say "no" such as when John McCain offered her the Vice Presidential office even though she knows she is really not up to it.

I cannot see her husband as Mr. Mom. Up to now he seemed content to drive his snowmobile and win races, run his salmon business, and perform his union job. Being governor of Alaska with only 600,00 citizens is like being Mayor of a medium sized city in other states and not much of a challenge to him. Becoming husband of the Vice President of the United States I do not think would be his cup of tea. I would hate to be the person to give him a reality check that he would be discouraged from participating in his salmon business, returning to his union job, racing his snowmobile, and hunting.

I felt bodily sick realizing Sarah could be Vice President and additionally emotionally sick when the thought of her becoming President. After suffering and being punished by the Bush administration for almost 8 years, to go through events with John McCain and Sarah Palin would really be too much not only for America, but the world. And Sarah is more conservative and more of a neocon than Bush and probably John McCain.

I could only chalk it up to John McCain getting senile. He already showed his bad decision making by voting with George Bush more than 90% of the time. And he is a conservative, neocon tough guy Republican.

Pigs, hockey moms, and lipstick may encourage some voters but that will mean nothing when defending America from North Korea, Russia, China, militants, and all of the other crazies in the world. It will do nothing to solve the Republican Bush problems of depressed wages and benefits of America's workers, insufficient job growth of good paying jobs with benefits, the critical failures of the banking, credit, and home ownership, trillions of dollars of public debt, trillions of dollars aggregate during the Bush years of losses in balanced foreign trade, and others. America is losing ground compared to other countries in manufacturing, education, feeding of its citizens, quality of American health care, number of citizens below poverty line, and many other measures. American armed forces are near burnout combating two wars simultaneously over many years: Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kennedy was excellent when he selected Johnson as his Vice President because Johnson could help win the election by giving him much of the South and because Johnson was both Majority and Minority leader of the Senate over the years he knew how to get legislation passed in Congress and he was probably the most successful of any Vice Presidents/President to pass such a wide and varied number of laws through Congress. America was lucky to have Johnson when Kennedy was killed.

Palin is no Johnson. She is not qualified to even be Vice President. Let her stay in Alaska where she can kill Bullwinkle and field dress him. Let her deny global warming. Let her live her conservative republican life in Alaska where she cannot harm the rest of the country's 305 million people. Let the Alaskans soak the oil companies so they can fund their state and give every citizen all 600,000 people thousands of dollars each year as rebates and dividends. Let her look at Russia from her window on a clear day.

I think it is unpatriotic to run a dumbass for Vice President and to be first in line to be President of the United States if something happens to John McCain. I cannot believe what McCain was thinking. It could only be that he knew he would loses the election and it did not matter unless he is indicating signs of senility and bad judgement.

It may be fun for Sarah Palin now to recieve all attention during the campaigning, and well enough for her to lose and go back to Alaska. But I do not think that she, her husband or her children will be happy if she won and became Vice President and even less happy if something happened to McCain and she became President. She is too much of a dumbass and would say "yes" to become President of the United States. God, Help America.