Monday, March 09, 2009

Alfalfa Sprouts: More Salmonella

Alfalfa Sprouts: More Salmonella

SunSprout Salmonella Spreading
Date Published: Monday, March 9th, 2009

"The salmonella outbreak linked to recalled SunSprout brand alfalfa sprouts that began in Nebraska and spread into Iowa, has now been reported in South Dakota and Kansas. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that SunSprouts brand alfalfa, onion, and gourmet sprouts were recalled and now, the Associated Press (AP) is reporting that the outbreak has spread to two more states."


Just when you think we paid our dues with the salmonella tainted processed peanuts, another salmonella outbreak occurs.

In the case of sprouts, the sprouts themselves could be contaminated and no amount of washing could eliminate the contamination, they do not know at this time.

I am sure that George Bush and the Republicans cut the number of FDA inspections during his administrations and that President Barry Obama should increase the staffing of that organization to provide America with more safety.

Governors should also provide inspection of the farms in their states and any food processing plants in their states. States lose jobs when there are outbreaks. People get sick and some can die. One would think owners or executives would clean up their acts voluntarily, but it seems they have to be put on notice to do what is right. Georgia should have closed the plant and fined them heavily for being so dirty and contaminated.

We all hear about checks and balances. Maybe the states and the FDA should reinforce each other.

There should be a system of grading to notify consumers about the health and safety inspections of plants, livestock, processing plants, and food storage plants. The public should know how often everything is inspected.

There was nothing printed about when the last health inspection of the Georgia peanut processing plant was accomplished and the grades they received. I hope the plant was inspected at least during the past year. I would be angry if there were no inspections at all at the Georgia peanut plant. And I am mad if they were inspected, how come they were said the so filthy recently with the contamination?

If America has bolstered FDA resources along with state inspections, then America will have a safer food supply.