Monday, April 14, 2008

The First Big Step For New Jersey

The First Big Step For New Jersey

The article linked above states, "TOM HESTER Jr. The Associated Press TRENTON, N.J. - New Jersey is the fifth most expensive state for renters, making it difficult for many in commonplace jobs to find decent housing, according to a new report from an affordable housing advocacy group.

The report being released Monday by the Housing & Community Development Network of New Jersey, comes as Gov. Jon S. Corzine looks to cut property tax relief for tenants.
According to the report, a person earning $16.45 per hour , a bit less than the state's average hourly wage , would have to work 54 hours a week to afford a two-bedroom apartment at fair market rent.

It also found a person earning minimum wage , $7.15 per hour , would have to work 124 hours a week to afford the same apartment.

The advocacy group said its research demonstrates numerous occupations , including preschool teachers, child care workers, home health aides, police and fire dispatchers, security guards, school bus drivers and social workers , don't generate enough income to afford decent housing.

New Jersey has the nation's highest property taxes, at $6,800 per homeowner. Tenants don't directly pay property taxes, but are presumed to do so through their rent payments."

New Jersey is failing its citizens with excessive taxes, a lack of inexpensive housing, and other ways. In business, when something fails there is a problem evaluation on the causes, at least a temporary solution, and a long term solution. There has been no problem evaluation of the problems of New Jersey. These problems manifested themselves in New Jersey for more than 10 years, but during this time period have become painful for New Jersey's low and middle class citizens.

Right now in New Jersey, there is a policy not to ask whether or not anyone is a legal citizen of New Jersey, which has a minimal estimation of 500,000 illegal aliens residing in the state. A policy to effectively prosecute the employers of illegal aliens and to deport the illegal aliens would be the first step to save money for legal American citizens in New Jersey.

It is taxation without representation when I have to support an illegal alien in any way which seems to be the Federal and New Jersey policy right now. Make the support of illegal aliens voluntary and see how many American citizens will donate any money.

Just think about the hundreds of millions of dollars saved each year when we do not have to pay for teaching illegal alien children in our schools, not only through high school, but in our public junior colleges and universities. The inner city school systems where most illegal aliens live receive the bulk of New Jersey state aid to education forcing the other local school systems to painfully raise school budget funds from local real estate taxes.

Think about the hundreds of million dollars each year New Jersey will save by not having to pay for the health care of the illegal aliens. It adds up from maternity services, to well child vaccinations, to various ailments and injuries, surgeries, prescriptions, dental services, and many other services for the illegal aliens that are paid for by legal citizens. And most legal citizens have difficulties paying for their own health care suffering by delaying visits to doctors and also skipping prescriptions because they cannot afford them.

Think about the tens of millions of dollars saved each year by not having to pay for the criminal justice system for crimes committed by the violent illegal aliens. It costs a pretty penny to catch someone and put them into the justice system.

Think about a smaller drug problem and the hundreds of millions of dollars that would save. Most illegal aliens are good people but the Mexican border hemorrhages the bulk of illegal drugs enter ring America. If there were fewer illegal aliens and the Mexican border was closed many of our legal relatives and neighbors would not have access to deadly drugs and subjected to the violence it creates.

There would be tens of thousands of rental units available for legal citizens if the illegal aliens were deported or just went back where they came from on their own. They arrived here on their own they can leave the same way. Supply and demand would start to lower rents in the state.

There are also thousands, maybe ten thousand H1B Visa holders, alien temporary workers, in New Jersey that replaced American citizens on the job. Put Americans back to work and send the H1B's back to their home countries. There is no shortage of skilled New Jersey citizens that are willing and able to perform these jobs. And they cost New Jersey communities and state a millions of dollars, too. And when they leave new Jersey they will free thousands of rental units in New Jersey.

Mr. Corzine get rid of the illegal aliens and the H1B Visa alien temporary workers and their families in New Jersey and you will be freeing at least a billion dollars each year in New Jersey state and local funds that could be put to better use in New Jersey. New Jersey would then be able to attract legal citizens and businesses from other states because they would then know that they would not be excessively taxed to pay for the illegal aliens in New Jersey.

This would be a terrific first big step to get New Jersey back on sound fiscal standing and to provide relief to its legal citizens.