Monday, January 08, 2007

Bushgate, Senategate, and Housegate

The recent passing of President Ford highlighted his presidential pardon of President Nixon, who was infamous for Watergate.

Watergate seems to be the worse "Gate" offense committed by a United States president until now with Bushgate. Bushgate happens when the son does not listen to his wiser father and tries to nation build in Iraq. Bushgate happens when tens of millions of illegal aliens run around America stealing American jobs. Bushgate happens when businesses hire illegal aliens and they are not prosecuted. Bushgate happens when the president listens to neocons instead of moderates. Bushgate occurs when the minimum wage is not increased for ten years. Bushgate is when the president gives away tens of millions of American jobs to foreign citizens for free, without any quid pro quo.

The single minded Republican majoriy Senate and House of the past few years started Senategate and Housegate by following Bush led activities. We now have Democratic majorities in the senate and house and the leadership is now talking the same talk continuing the "Gates".

It seems protecting our southern border is not as important as it was and that amnesty is favored. It also seems that another million american jobs will go to foreignors during the next 2 years. And the minimum wage will be increased over 2 years to a token amount instead of the full $10.00 per hour in order to have the same purchasing power as minimum wage of the 1960's. It seems that Pelosi and Reid think illegal aliens are more important than American citizens. The leading presidential canidates for 2008 seem to think so too.

Therefore America has a serious problem already with Bushgate. And America has a problem getting worse with Senategate and Housegate. They all just do not get it. American citizens vote and illegal aliens do not have the vote.